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Contemporary porn sites getting closer to reality every year. The ultra-sharp HD and Full HD video, 3D technologies, feedback devices and many other inventions make watching porn even more attractive than actually fucking. However, there are still those good old porn sites with 800x600 pictures, 576p videos and static html pages. Ladies in Leather Gloves is just one of them, including all of their features and issues. Its design is what brings you 10 years back in time, and the quality of its photos and videos is just unbelievably low for 2015. However, from the first sight it’s easy to tell, that the scenes and photo sets are exclusive and original, and they are created with love and understanding of the fetish niche.

+ Exclusive original content

There is no doubt that Ladies in Leather Gloves makes content for itself, not buying or stealing it from some other sites. All the scenes and photo sets, as well as models, here are exclusive and they are only available in this network. This feature is very important, because this is actually what makes the site unique and worth paying for it. Ladies in Leather Gloves gives us a good reason to at least check it, because you are not likely to see this content anywhere else, and it features really nice fetish movies with their own atmosphere.

+ Regular updates

There is no schedule on Ladies in Leather Gloves, nor there are any previews. Anyway, the site keeps updating stably since the very opening, adding new video and few photo sets every 10 days. Updating regularly is very important for any paysite, that wants to keep its members, and in this case Ladies in Leather Gloves is good. All three sites of the network stably and regularly update, so you won’t have to look for the new content anywhere else.

+ Diversity of scenes and actions

Not all fetish porn sites can offer you diversity, but Ladies in Leather Glove does. It contains solo erotic scenes, where babes barely denude, and it also has some hardcore photos and videos, with lots of cock sucking, fucking and even lesbian licking. Also, it has a number of raw domination, BDSM photo sets and movies. Thus, you can enjoy the variety of sexual actions, instead of just staring at the monotonous self-caress.

+ Two bonus sites, funny and arousing stories

There are three total sites included in the membership: Girls in Leather Boots, Ladies in Leather Gloves and Leather Fixation. All three have a significant amount of original content, same low to average quality and interface issues, but they regularly update, and you get full access to all three for the price of one. Also, there is a very interesting section on those sites, Stories. There you can find some arousing fetish reads, some of which are just outstanding.

- Amount of content

It’s unconventional, but it seems that in case of Ladies in Leather Gloves the amount of content would be a minus even if it had several thousands of videos, because they would be simply inaccessible due to lame and awful interface. Yet, the porn site contains 230+ porn videos, all unique, and around 2400 photo sets, and updates almost weekly. Videos are small, about 3 minutes length, but they are complete, which means you can expect some kind of screenplay from the beginning to the end, unlike some clips, cut out of the full-length movies. Photo sets vary in size from 20 to approximately 80 photos, but they are not large in general, around 40 photos average size. Rather small amount of videos and their tiny playtime do not allow us to rate the amount of content anywhere high in this case.

- Low resolution of photos and videos

Quality isn’t something to admire on Ladies in Leather Gloves, unfortunately. The site seems outdated, and it’s strange to see that it still updates with those low-resolution photos and videos. Usually you can expect around 576p resolution from the videos, but there are also HD videos. However, they impersonate a very small part of the collection, so you shouldn’t really rely on it. Maximum available bitrate is 8600 kbps for HD videos, with good 29 fps frame rate. However, most of the videos come with around 2000 kbps bitrate and have awful pixelization effect. Photos usually come in resolution of 800x600 pixels, which is so like 90’s! If you put aside your nostalgia, they are not impressive at all, though the picture is rather sharp, if you don’t zoom it too much. Overall impression is very poor: Ladies in Leather Gloves definitely lacks the technical quality of content.

- Design and navigation

Design is one of the biggest problems of the porn site, even more disappointing that the low quality of videos and photos. It’s absolutely unusable: no sorting, no filters, no paging, no numbers at all. To get to some particular scene you will have to scroll down the page until you bump into it (if you won’t accidentally miss it, which is highly probable). There is no search, no model index, and of course there is no ratings, comments and favorites. The design is as static as a mountain, and you can’t affect it in any way: it comes as it is. It would be unfair to not mention the categorization of the photos, but it doesn’t make much sense anyways. Oh, and prepare to download photo sets you like a photo by photo, because the majority of them does not have any zipped archives available.

- No model index, no profiles, no information

There are no model profiles, and no model index. There is no information about participating girls except for their names. Though the galleries sometimes are sorted by the participating girls, there is no way to know more about them. As you can see, the only type of the girl that Ladies in Leather Gloves offers is amateur British women, approximately 23-27 years of age, and mostly beautiful. They do not have much experience, and that makes their videos look rather raw, but very attractive. To summarize, the site offers fine British girls for you to see, but you won’t get any information about them.

Fulfilling the promises

The landing page does not promise anything the site cannot fulfill, except maybe for weekly updates, which are actually 10-days updates.

Affordable price

Ladies in Leather Gloves are just $14.95 for the first month, rebilling at $24.95. Not too much for the three average-sized fetish porn sites, updating regularly. You can also subscribe for 3 or 6 months at once, with a good discount.


Ladies in Leather Gloves is a special porn site, which is hard to evaluate. On one hand, it has small amount of content, very average quality and irritating unfriendly interface, but on the other if features original, diversified and good content, with a number of bonuses, all at a fair price. We can’t recommend to join it, but you should at least check it out, just in case.


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Site Facts


  • Average length:3
  • Number of movies:over 234
  • Video formats:
    • MP4, 8620 kb/s 720p
  • Full length videos:no
  • Streaming:yes
  • HD video:yes


  • Pic sets: 2417
  • Pics per set:40
  • Pics Resolution:1024x768
  • High Res pictures:yes
  • Zip sets:yes


  • Model Index:no
  • Bonus Sites:yes (2 sites)
  • Live chat:no
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