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Karstens adult art Full review

About site

Alright, guys, I appreciate your care for the minors and everything – but I already got a little bit nervous when I was offered to confirm my legal age for the second time at Karsten’s Adult Art. :) Oh well, anyway, it didn’t take me too long and it is a good thing after all, so I guess I shouldn’t blame Karsten for that, right? ;) This way or that, pretty soon I was already looking through the free section of this drawn porn archive. It’s worth saying that the owner of this resource definitely doesn’t lack artistic skills – his works are really hot and really fun as well (depending on what porn art is for you). On the other hand, for some reason the guy left the outside of this site with absolutely no design! Hmm, not too much of an effective marketing solution, huh? :)

Free tour

Judging by the info provided at the free tour pages, the choice of content niches presented at this site includes porn toons, animated vids, games, screensavers, famous toon parodies, etc. What is more, according to the same info section, Karsten’s Adult Art gets updated regularly – as a rule, once in every 2 to 4 days, which is a fairly good showing. Well, why wonder about the correctness of the promotional stuff available at the index page if we can just enter the Members Area and take a look at it all from the inside? Let’s go!

Amount of Content

Well, the thing I can say for sure straight from the start is the following: trying to estimate the size of this site’s collection is going to be a huge pain in the ass! Its navigation system really sucks – all those sections, subsections, albums and subalbums with barely comprehensible names really make me go mad. Looks like I will have to stop writing for a while and try to get used to the navigation here.

Content Quality

Okay, I think I have finally understood how everything works here and… Here you go. First, the Galleries section contains the majority of Karsten’s works – namely, 33 albums containing from several dozens to several thousands of pics or animations (or sometimes even photos). Their resolution is always different – the highest one I have managed to spot so far was 1038x766Px. This section contains both the completed works in color and the black-and-white sketches. The next section is that Kartube Videos – the free engine where people can view and share adult animations, regular porn or regular toons that don’t have anything to do with porn. It’s pretty hard to navigate this tube too but… Well, you can dig it for gold, that’s no doubt. ;)


Karsten’s Adult Art really does get updated very often – exactly as it is stated at the index page, which is a great plus. A good updating schedule is something that never fails to make the site’s rating stated in my review go up a couple of points, bet you all know it by now.


Other sections that definitely do deserve your attention are Games, Rayven (a separate section containing XXX comic novel about a juicy blonde warrior babe) and Middleton Red Shoes Diaries (a hot compilation of sex stories that you are also guaranteed to enjoy). Oh yeah, there are also those Goodies and Real Life Pics sections too – guess there is no need for me to explain what is concealed in them, right?


Well, the main disadvantages of this source are clearly visible – it has hardly any design, its navigation system sucks and the quality of the streamline videos available in the attached tube leaves much to be desired. Oh the other hand, we’ve got a large, regularly updated collection of 100% exclusive content guaranteed to match the demands of those drawn porn fans who love still art. To me, Karsten’s Adult Art is a cool site – and I really advise you to give it a try.

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