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Julian 18 porn review


Content Quality
18 / 20  
Amount of Content
4 / 20  
6 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
13 / 15  
13 / 15  
10 / 15  
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6 / 10 (3 sites)




Review porn site: Julian 18

Okay, now I think I know what the phrase “angelface twink” is supposed to mean cause I’m looking at one right now. The site I’ve been offered to review tonight is called Julian 18 and… Well, you gotta be prepared to seeing it real fine cause it’s very likely to get you drooling all over the place from the very first moments you spend on its pages. At least, this is what it made me do when I first saw it. Follow me into it and I will tell you what it was all about.

julian18.com is the personal porn site of a charming young gent – a European one, I believe, named, unsurprisingly, Julian. Julian is 18 years old, really petite and twinky and… Jeez, that face of his is simply adorable. Taking the fact that this baby face comes together with a gorgeous tight ass that looks like it was made for fucking into account, I’d conclude that Julian is the perfect type of boy for any twink lover. He’s a naughty one too, by the way. The descriptions on the front pages of his site say that it was the present he got for his 18th birthday (how sick is that?) and… The trailer scenes show Julian banging with a multitude of men – other young guys including Julian’s BF Ryan and older men with big cocks. Yeah, our angelface cutie is a promiscuous little whore, right. :)

Nooo, please, tell me that what I’m seeing is not real. :( I’ve just logged in to my account at the reviewed resource and found out that this young lover’s site is no longer getting updated – for quite a while, already, in fact. Frankly, its history has been glorious and bright but damn short – this adult source was launched in early 2011 and it got closed down in the summer of the very same year. Frankly, I just can’t understand why – it’s all so hot here. Guess it’s one of those things that always happen to teen porn stars – they get too whiny or too cheeky or their daddies bust them and… They quit.

Having been online for less than 6 months, this XXX website didn’t manage to grow into a really huge one, as you can understand. All in all, its content archive comprises 13 picture galleries and exactly as many movies. Frankly, it really hurts me to see this shit inside the Members area. You know, Julian’s pics and videos are irresistibly hot but the fact that there are so few of them makes this site barely interesting. Sure, if you are a rich boy that can afford spending some dough on just a dozen scenes, welcome – Julian will surely drain your balls, baby!

By the way, if you value high quality in gay porn, you will definitely enjoy the stuff offered to you by the adult site under my scrutiny. I was particularly impressed by the videos supplied by this one. Those HD flicks with the frame size of 1280x720p and the bitrate of 8000Kbps rock! The 1600x1063Px pictures are good as well, by the way – even though I’m not really into stills, I couldn’t help leafing through a couple of galleries here. They were simply a bit too tempting. :)

The Bonus section of this site’s Members area is simply overfilled with links to various cool gay porn sites, especially those focused on twinks. But don’t be in too much hurry to rejoice, buddy. Unfortunately, this part of this porn site’s Members area is all about boasting. Only one of all those resources will be available to you for free – the rest are all paid. That only one is pretty cool though – it is a collection of gay and bisexual porn DVDs that are not exclusive but still pretty hot. They are available for download whenever you like it, so… Julian’s own tiny collection of content looks a bit more tempting all of a sudden, doesn’t it? :) Thus, I come again – if you can afford it, go ahead and do it. This 18-year-old cock hunter won’t disappoint you.


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Monthly: 29.95 $ (30 days recurring)
3 month: 59.95 $ (90 days recurring)

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