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Interracial encounters porn review


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Review porn site: Interracial encounters

You still perceive interracial porn only as black-on-white hardcore shit? Well, this is no surprise, in fact – this is probably the most widespread of its flows. However, if you don’t want to limit yourself to watching white hoochies getting their holes plowed by big black cocks, I think I have got something to offer to you. The source in focus of my attention tonight is called Interracial Encounters and it can widen up the horizons of your dirty mind a little bit, buddy. ;)

There is a bunch of special features that seem to make this site different from all those boring interracial XXX hideaways – and I’m gonna tell you about a couple of them straight away. First, let me stress the fact that this site is not all about black-on-white shit – on its pages you will have the chance to see big ebony men drilling whiteys, white men poking chocolate beauties and Latin hoochies coping with mighty dark shafts. Besides, the analyzed source seems to be a 100% milf-oriented one – each of the babes exposed on its pages plays a slutty housewife enjoying interracial sex out of her marriage. Well, it only makes the whole thing even more tempting – and makes me even more eager to sneak into the Members area of this one, which I’m going to do right now!

Damn, if only you knew how much I hate all those porn sites that shine so brightly on the outside but turn out to be rotten inside… Unfortunately, I feel that this grave description applies to the reviewed porn site as well – the collection of this site turns out to be just tiny, man! Everything that you are going to find inside it at the moment are 11 videos and 10 photo scenes – enough to keep one going for a month, not more, I guess.

Eager to understand what this shit was all due to, I took a closer look at the dates of updates at hoping that this site was a brand-new startup. Well, if you believe those dates, this site is something even bigger! If you believe them, this site comes from the future! LOL! The latest of its updates is claimed to have been published in August 2010 and I’m cool with everything – except for the fact that it’s March 2010 now! Sorry, but such fairly tales are far from being something that I can turn out to be stupid enough to believe in. the analyzed adult source sucks!

I was hoping to find something able to provide at least some consolation to me inside the Bonus Section of this site’s Members area but got disappointed again. At the moment all members of the adult website under review today get free access to 5 other sites from the network (each as shitty as the one under review itself), 75 extra movies (available only for streamlining and dedicated to anything except interracial action) and 4 (!!!) free galleries from promoted sites. Very generous showings – especially the last one!

I realize that there’s hardly any reason in providing you with the info about the quality of this resource’s content – but I will still do it. That’s my job, after all, you know. :) So, the pics here look fairly decent with their resolution of 1600x1000Px. The videos are not bad as well – their frame size of 640x480Px and the bitrate of 1900Kbps make them really watchable but… Nothing much better than just that – I have seen zillions of porn sites offering much more qualitative stuff already.

Okay, I will show myself as a very tolerant person in the end of this review again by admitting that I really do like this site’s scenes themselves – all this interracial all-hole shagging looks fairly arousing. The rest is all genuine bullshit. Have fun, guys!


memberzone screenshot 1 (2010-04-04)
Screenshot #1 (2010-04-04)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2010-04-04)
Screenshot #2 (2010-04-04)


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