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Innocent dick girls porn review


Content Quality
12 / 20  
Amount of Content
8 / 20  
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Site Design and navigation
12 / 15  
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Review porn site: Innocent dick girls

Here I am on the index page of Innocent Dickgirls – a site stacked with explicit shemale porn comics and the thought that is racing through my mind at the moment is the following: “Have the owners of this site picked the right name for it?” Does any of those drawn hardcore masterpieces show one dickgirl that is at least close to innocent? :) Fuck no! Those shemale and futanari cuties with humongous dicks and tight pussies banging like insane don’t quite match my perception of innocence, you know.

Is this site exclusive? Well, at least some part of it definitely is – guess that I can tell it with a certain degree of surety. Basically, those kinky sex scenes exposed on the index page revolve around seven raunchy drawn shemale honeys, all obviously depicted by one and the same person – certain similarities in drawing techniques point at this quite clearly. However, there are also several unnamed drawn trannies and the way they are drawn is so much different, so… I think I have got enough reason to suspect that their scenes are not exclusive. Anyway, let’s slide into the Members area of Innocent Dickgirls and take a closer look at all this junk.

Wonder if the collection of Innocent Dickgirls is big enough? Well, let me provide you with more insight on this matter. What I can see inside this site at the moment are: 78 full-time comics, 38 picture sets, 1 Flash clip, 10 sketches and 2 animated videos. That’s obviously not the biggest collection of futanari content that I have ever seen in my life and the fact that I still suspect some of the scenes exposed here to be non-exclusive makes the whole thing even more disappointing. But is this site actually that old? Well, checking it out turns out to be one hell of a pain in the ass as the section Updates actually doesn’t contain any dates saying when this or that scene was added into the collection of Innocent Dickgirls. Luckily, the owners of this site do keep a blog and the dates of posts provided there can be much more informative. So, as far as I understand, this site was started in December 2006 and is updated on a basis that doesn’t seem to be quite regular. Hmm, I’m no longer eager to doubt this site’s content’s exclusiveness – but the hard-working nature of its owners definitely becomes a matter of question now.

Talking about the quality of content at Innocent Dickgirls, I guess I would rather refrain from providing any certain comments. The 1300x900Px pics seem to be alright to me while the streamline animated vids are already much worse… Well, after all, I’m not that much of a hentai porn connoisseur to provide some distinct judgments, I guess.

Any bonuses available to the Members of Innocent Dickgirls? Erm, so far I can’t see any, unfortunately. On the main page of the Members area you can only see a video trailer from Strapon Cum (a site affiliated with Innocent Dickgirls) “generously” offered to the members. Hmm, that’s something that brings me down a lot – along with all other things I have already mentioned above.

Well, who knows, maybe there was something I didn’t manage to notice at Innocent Dickgirls but, my word, I was scrutinizing everything as carefully as I only could. Thus, I hope you won’t be surprised by the fact that my verdict in this review is going to be a negative one. Innocent Dickgirls is based on a cool concept, its content is quite alright but… If you wanna survive in the XXX ocean full of hungry sharks, you gotta swim better than that. Maybe with time the current situation will change here – but, sadly, the updating schedule makes me doubt it.


memberzone screenshot 1 (2010-03-24)
Screenshot #1 (2010-03-24)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2010-03-24)
Screenshot #2 (2010-03-24)


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