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Indian Butt Magic Full review

About site

Those who still think that Indian girls are kind of shy and orthodox in everything that has to do with sex are wrong – and they are going to get it tonight with the help of this review of Indian Butt Magic! Yeah, the name of this resource sounds rather explicit and it offers exactly what you think it offers – an awesome collection of hot Indian ass fucking videos! Hot Hindustan babes ranging from pro porn stars to innocent girls-next-door dancing chocolate cha cha on cam… That looks amazing!

Free tour

Leafing through the free tour of this adult site, I feel that I’m really anticipating the moment I will slide into its Members area and explore it from the inside. No, it’s not due to the fact that this resource looks extremely tempting or anything on its free tour pages. It’s quite the opposite, in fact. The free tour is a poor one here, so I’m really eager to know if the Members area matches it or not. I really hope that it does not. But let’s go ahead and see it.

Amount of Content

When it comes to the size of this resource’s collection, I would say that I’m really satisfied with it. There are 304 picture scenes and 670 videos here, featuring as many as 132 models… However, I have a strong feeling that I have already seen all this stuff before. Hey, what the fuck? I’ve suddenly realized that the Members area that I’m in at the moment does not even belong to this adult source! It’s the Members area of its network site called Indian Sex Lounge. And the worst part is that it’s not all about anal porn! Moreover, you can’t even filter it so see how many anal porn resources it has to offer! Damn, this is the type of shit that just cannot be tolerated.

Content Quality

And the quality of the content supplied by the reviewed adult website does not provide any consolation here, unfortunately. Take the videos, for instance. There are some that are obviously snatched from prominent XXX networks, such as Brazzers – but even they have quality as low as 640x480Px at 1750Kbps. And that’s far not the lowest showing! You are more than likely to run into 320x240Px videos here even! Damn, that surely does suck. The pictures are better in some of the galleries – they reach 1600x1066Px in resolution. However, in most of the cases they are anything but top- notch too.


this adult paysite is a very regularly updated one, which is, however, not that much of an achievement for this resource itself. I mean, come on, it’s all due to the fact that Indian Sex Lounge is growing so fast and everything that you can enjoy updates daily here. Sometimes there will even be multiple scenes released during one and the same day here. However, be ready to find them non- exclusive and offered in low quality. That makes it all worse all of a sudden, doesn’t it?


Do I really need to tell you about the bonuses at this site? You insist? Okay, let’s go ahead and do it. Basically, there will be 6 other Indian porn sites that you will be able to access for free here. That’s a cool showing – but the problem is that the collections of those 6 sites are not that different from each other after all. Thus, technically, you get many sites at the price of one while, in fact, there will be one rather nice-sized though dull collection of low-quality non-exclusive content. No, I surely don’t like that.


What can I say about a site that tricks you into expecting one thing from it but ends up offering you loads of other stuff? Sure enough, it would have been strange if I got all overexcited about it, right? But no, there will be no strange and inexplicable actions this time – I don’t like this paysite and I’m going to say it out loud. If you are looking for Indian anal porn, you should better look for it in another place.


Pros and Cons


    + big content collection
    + daily updates


    - irrelevant content
    - low content quality
    - non-exclusive content
    - bonus sites have more or less the same content
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