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I feel myself porn review


Content Quality
18 / 20  
Amount of Content
16 / 20  
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25 / 10 (5 sites)



2nd Review porn site: I feel myself

I have reviewed hundreds if not thousands of porn sites already and, believe me, I have seen a lot of different things during my career as a porn reviewer. However, what I saw today was not even a little bit like what I have seen before. I don’t mean the exclusiveness of content here, not only that – I mean everything! Frankly, I have never seen any XXX site that would present its content in such a manner! Right upon arriving to the index page of this resource I got the chance to view a free trailer video that really rocked my perception of adult-oriented content. What I saw in this movie was simply amazing. No, nothing so kinky here – this site is fully dedicated to masturbating solo girls and lesbians pleasuring each other. However, the way their videos are presented… Shit, my word, I have never seen anything as artful and as arousing as that! Every trailer I was viewing looked like a trailer for some Hollywood blockbuster – the only difference was that instead of heroes, monsters and celebrities I saw different ladies there – young ones and ripe ones, white and black ones, slim tarts and full busties… All of them were playing with themselves and with each other – and cumming, cumming, cumming with tears on their eyes, with sweat all over their precious bodies, with fresh love juice gushing out of their slits. Jeez, that was mind-blowing. I just have to see this site from the inside.

Oh my, telling that this site is turning my inmost dreams into reality will be as much as not saying anything at all. There are no pics in its archive but I just don’t give a amnfuck about it, fairly. This site has got to offer you videos only – but, don’t worry, it will be even more than just enough for you. So, what do we have here? All in all, I Feel Myself has got over 2600 videos to offer you. However, I want to point out straight from the start that far not all of these movies are those artful ones made in studio – more than a half of them are, actually, but not all. There are also homemade videos, close-up shoots and awesome fantasy and adventure scenes. Yeah, you will surely have lots of stuff to choose from. However, as I have already said, the thing that I love most about this site are its studio movies – they are just breathtaking!

Is there any need for me to tell you that the quality of content at this site is blameless? After all I have already written in this review, I guess there is not. However, I still will because I really wanna let you know about it. The top quality option that the videos of the analyzed paysite are offered in equals to 5000Kbps! Oh jeez, this is too good to be true!

Believe it or not, but ifeelmyself.com gets updated every single day. Holy shit, I don’t have a slightest idea how they manage it – but they really add one new video to their collection every day with no exceptions. It looks like it doesn’t cost them any trouble to make any girl they want get down and dirty in front of their HQ cams and finger herself into an overwhelming orgasm! this resource looks like an almighty resource, no bullshit. :)

It’s such a pity that the final rating in this review will be spoiled by the mere fact that there are no pics available at the analyzed website. Of course, rules are rules and I have to comply with them but… Anyway, guys, I wanna let you know that this site is one of the best porn sources I have ever seen in my life! Its uniqueness and seductiveness deserve all of your admiration – and I hope you will have the chance to admire it. It is blameless!


memberzone screenshot 1 (2017-02-06)
Screenshot #1 (2017-02-06)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2017-02-06)
Screenshot #2 (2017-02-06)


6 Month: 99.95 $ (180 days non-recurring)
3 Month: 49.95 $ (90 days recurring)
Monthly: 24.95 $ (30 days recurring)

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Number of movies: 2600

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