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Today’s Web is looming with all imaginable kinds of online RPGs that have turned into the favorite pastime for millions of people all around the world. The porn industry feels the rise of interest towards such games – and responds to it with the release of – a truly captivating XXX site where you don’t pay for getting access to its contents but actually try earning it with the help of your pickup skills! The better you are at hooking it up with chicks – the less you spend while surfing through loads of top-notch adult pics and vids featuring hot Eastern European models from Hungary.

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I really love RPG stuff and it’s no wonder why I plunged into this game trying to get it on with that “Barely 18” babe Gabi. Damn… It’s been quite a long time since I have started with this game and I have already spent some of my credits (that cost real money, BTW) but… The bitch keeps on walking away over and over again! Looks like the art of pickup is not that easy, buddy. :) In fact, you will be offered to try getting it on with five different chicks (not taking that Demo babe into account since seducing her is as simple as it can only be for it gets you acquainted with the rules of the game – but the hoochie’s pics that you get during the demo game are far not the most revealing ones you have ever seen). The scenarios that are currently available here are: Shopping, The Fitness Babe, At The River, Witch HQ and Barely 18 that I have already told you about. All the girls here are really hot – and although picking them up is not an easy task, you are guaranteed to love what you will get in the end, if you are lucky enough.

Content Quality

Well, now a couple of words about the stuff you will be getting when you play this game. It’s no doubt that all the content here at this site is 100% exclusive – I just don’t believe that there were already some porn scenes shot before that would reflect all the twists and turns of the plots of scenarios here at this adult paysite! Alright, getting back to the topic… Each step that you take is illustrated with pics, which can be enlarged to… Well, to quite a modest size in fact – about 800x600 Px, if not smaller! Hmm, that’s not too much, you know – so, as for me, this stuff is turning into a game for the sake of the game, not something that will supply you with a huge choice of top-quality porn… :( Anyway, after all the time you have spent picking up this or that virtual hoochie, you are supposed to get a boner in the end – at least because otherwise you will definitely blame yourself for the time wasted. :)


Alright, I think I have finally made it to the finals and… Well, the efforts were worth it – even despite the low quality of the pics, they are really exciting – watching the chicks that you have spent so much effort hunting after getting naked for you is always a good thing, even if all this is not happening for real. However, it gets you ready for a real hunt, you know. :) the resource under analysis this time in not actually just a porn site or an RPG game – it is a source giving you a hint on how to behave with chicks in your everyday life.


Well, I think that rating this source is gonna be quite a difficult thing to do. In fact, even despite the low quality of content and relatively narrow choice of it, turns out to be a site that is really hot enough to fascinate you – and make you try your luck over and over again until you finally get what you want most – a nice piece of fresh Hungarian pussy! Man, you have to give this source a try, my word!

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