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About site

It could have been just another porn site – one out of the endless line of sources that are all alike. They feature the same models that do the same stuff over and over again and sometimes they even offer you the same scenes! Still, HQ Flix is an outstanding one – you understand it the very moment you view its free tour pages! Man, the teaser content exposed here is something incredible – first of all, it’s hot – really hot, to be precise! No worn-out bitches with gaping holes here – the babes featured by the reviewed XXX website are raunchy but at the same time incredibly fresh. Second, the free vids and pics that you get the chance to view here are so fucking qualitative that I have to admit I have certain troubles imagining what I am going to get inside the Members Area of this source when I lay my hands on the content that is not of that “reduced quality”. Anyway, the beginning of my trip through this source turns out to be really promising!

Amount of Content

Frankly speaking, I had been afraid of that feature typical of 99% of HQ porn sites – as you might already know by now, the better the quality of the content they provide is, the tinier their collections are! However, hqflix.com seems to be an exception from the rule – judging by what I see, its archives comprise as many as 170 videos and… Erm, here is where the first problem appears. Looks like I’m having trouble with the navigation system at this resource since everything I have found here so far are 30 photo sets! There is a separate section dedicated to the movies in the restricted area of this source but there is no such section for the pics and all the photos I have found were exposed in the Updates section. Hmm, I’m confused.

Content Quality

The quality of content here doesn’t leave you much to dream of – those few pics that I have found here were all of 1600x1067Px in size (even though I guess that their original resolution was still much bigger – they look just awesome) and the vids were available in the bitrate of 2000Kbps (this is the showing for the earliest vids only – the most recently added ones are even better). Jeez, can you just believe it, man? :) Now you understand what this HQ part included into the domain name of this source means, right?


What looks really disappointing is the updating information. According to it, the last time a new scene was added into the archives of this adult site was in July 2008, almost half a year ago. Damn, this fact really does bring me down – of course, the collection of content supplied by this site is a really big one already and everything but it looks like it will never get any bigger! That’s a bitch! :( If there were regular updates here, you could have purchased lifetime access to this site and stopped bothering about finding new ones – simply because you wouldn’t have needed it any longer! this porn resource is close to being perfect – but the lack of updates really does spoil it all.


Luckily, the choice of bonus stuff made available by this site is huge enough to make you forget about the situation with the updates. As far as I see, there are at least 10 more sources that you will be able to access for free and a couple of sources where you will have to pay – a Live Chat resource and a DVD-on-demand online library. I wouldn’t even dare trying to estimate the approximate size of this enormous load of porn – but I guess that you already understand that it’s very, very impressing. Besides, the updating schedules of some of these sources are far not as disappointing as that of the XXX site under my scrutiny, which is a great plus! :)


So, do I have to add anything at all or not? No bullshit, the described site could have taken the first place in my own XXX chart with no sweat if it was updated – but even though it is not, it is still somewhere in the Top 10! :) This is one of those rare cases when I can say that the porn site that I’m reviewing is a must-see – don’t even think of missing it out!

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