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Hot Ashley Roberts site blocked Review date: 2012-08-30
  • Monthly: 29.95 $ (30 days recurring)
  • 3 month: 59.95 $ (90 days recurring)
  • 6 month: 99.95 $ (180 days non-recurring)
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    About site

    Even though I feel pretty skeptical about “personal” porn sites of XXX models that have names other than, like, “name-of-the-model dot com”, I’m still in to review one called Hot Ashley Roberts today. First of all, because it is my job. Second, more importantly, because I just can’t fucking resist the sex appeal of the babe that it features! Ashley is like that Barbie doll finally coming to life with her big boobs, tiny ass, adorable face and everything… And don’t expect no drama and smooching with Ken – this time this little doll is up to a whole lot of striptease, masturbation and lesbian sex shoots!

    Free tour

    The free tour of this resource is okay – there are lots of very hot pics and even a couple of teaser videos that give you a hint on what to expect from this resource’s hostess and her stuff. One of those videos is actually an HD one, which is cool – top-quality video is something that never fails to get me even more interested in reviewing this or that site. Heated up by this free tour, I’m now heading on into the Members area – just can’t wait to see what’s in there.

    Amount of Content

    I’m perfectly aware of the fact that porn models’ personal sites rarely offer you much content because those models can’t quite post every photo shoot or video that they participate in there because of copyright issues and stuff. However, I still hoped that this blond babe would turn out to be an exception and everything… All in vain though. 15 picture galleries and 8 videos are more or less everything that you can expect to find here. Not too much, for sure.

    Content Quality

    Well, um… Being totally addicted to movs, I surely started my acquaintance with this site’s content from the Videos section. I was really anticipating seeing those HD videos that the free tour pages of this site mentioned but in vain again. The videos I downloaded turned out to have the frame size of 640x480Px and the bitrate of 3140Kbps – in spite of having that “HD” part in the download link text. No, that’s clearly not what people call HD in my world. The pictures? Well, they are perfectly clear and pretty big (1600x1200Px), so I guess I have got nothing to complain about when talking about them.


    This site no longer gets updated and it doesn’t even try to hide it. The last of its releases was a present for All Fools’ Day in 2011, apparently – nothing has changed inside the Members area since April 1st of that year. I don’t know if Ashley quit the biz or simply walked out on the producer of this very site but… Either way, the outcome is obvious – the resource is lying forgotten and its collection is anything but impressing in terms of size.


    But don’t be in too much hurry to say that this site is not worth your attention and the money charged for the access to it. There is a very pleasant surprise waiting for all of its members inside the Bonus Sites section. 14 personal sites of other hot models plus 2 mega sites, both of which offer thousands of scenes… That’s not to be missed! Even though the collections of the models’ sites are about as small and as old as that of, they still serve as a decent addition to the stuff you can find here.


    Honestly speaking, I can’t recall a time I had any troubles navigating a site as small as that reviewed here. 15 pic galleries and 8 videos… That’s just too easy! However, you can see some serious approach from this site’s owners as well here – Ashley’s resource boasts of all the navigation features that would fit a much much bigger site better. Search and advanced content filters, extensive info about the updates – it’s all here!


    And again – here’s one of those super-widespread cases when a slightly-below-the-average site gets its ass saved by its classy network. No, it’s not an insult aimed at Ashley herself or anything – this blond beauty is beyond gorgeous, my word. However, her tiny porn site would have hardly been as popular as it is now if it wasn’t backed up by 16 more. Thus, bear it in mind when making your decision – maybe you will consider it worth seeing someday.