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Hardcore punishments porn review


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Review porn site: Hardcore punishments

According to my XXX-oriented geographical beliefs, Japan is most definitely characterized by the highest concentration of perverts in the world. This is not for no reason, I think. The reason seems to lie in the nature of Japanese women – all of them look so obedient, so petite and so easy to force into crying that you will involuntarily freak out when looking at them. This is exactly what happens to Japanese men on the pages of Hardcore Punishments, which is our today's porn site under review.

This is a site where you will see a lot of dirty things, believe me, my friend. Of course, just like expected, the most widespread of them is shibari – that very special artful form of bondage that the Japanese seem to specialize in. The second most popular is the use of sex machines – judging by the free tour pages, you will see it in every single scene at this porn site. Anything else? Hell yeah! What about looking at a screaming Asian cutie getting her smoothie drenched with Tabasco sauce? What about looking at another screaming Asian cutie getting covered with plastic wrap? Or maybe you would prefer to see some hardcore sex with bound slavegirls? It will be here for you as well.

What I would like to say straight from the start here is that the Members area of Hardcore Punishments is definitely not the most convenient in the world. The content of this site is split into three different categories (Rough Sex, BDSM and Fucking Machines), all of which are almost identical. There is also that Featured category that I don't understand completely. Well, let it be. As far as I understand, the categorization seems even more senseless now that Hardcore Punishments has got as few as 17 videos to offer to you. The Photo Galleries section, however, is better – it comprises quite some brutal and incredibly exciting pics from 26 different young and beautiful Japanese slavegirls. If I get everything right, each of the girls is featured in one scene only.

The updates at the reviewed source are weekly to biweekly. Yeah, sometimes you will have to wait for as long as 14 days for the next update, which sucks – especially when you take the modest size of the porn site under review today' archive into account. My guess is that they really need to speed up a bit if they want at least some people to stay faithful to them.

The thing that surprises me a lot at this XXX resource (as well as at many other Japanese porn sites) is the low quality of the content they provide. You know, Japan has always been the leading producer of all those HD cams and other technical gizmos – how come their porn videos are always so blurred? At hardcorepunishments.com, for instance, they barely reach 440x480Px in frame size and 860Kbps in bitrate! The pics are better though – the resolution of 1500x1180Px makes them very clear and distinct.

The situation with the bonuses here is obscure. I know that this adult website belongs to a really big porn network with a very distinct BDSM touch – I know it because I was asked to review it whole. Thus, my username and password work well at each of the sites that Hardcore Punishments is affiliated with. But do regular members get access to all those bonuses? I'm not quite sure – at least the links to bonus content are not supplied anywhere – neither on the Join page nor inside the Members area.

Thus, as you can understand, the review of the described porn paysite didn't manage to answer all the questions I had had before getting down to writing it. That sucks – and means that I will hardly be able to recommend this site you. Even if there are bonuses, its own collection is too far away from perfection.


memberzone screenshot 1 (2011-05-11)
index of member zone (2011-05-11)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2011-05-11)
BDSM (2011-05-11)
memberzone screenshot 3 (2011-05-11)
model Ayumi (2011-05-11)
memberzone screenshot 4 (2011-05-11)
video sample (2011-05-11)


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Year: 174.95 $ (365 days recurring)

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