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Hard fuck tales porn review


Content Quality
18 / 20  
Amount of Content
4 / 20  
6 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
12 / 15  
12 / 15  
12 / 15  
Other Review Rating
8 / 10 (7 sites)




Review porn site: Hard fuck tales

The porn site called Hard Fuck Tales that is under review tonight is something that got me interested from the very first seconds of my surf through its pages. Quite a load of scenes promised, a whole lot of chicks featured in them, all of them chicks being fairly hot and doing fairly hot stuff too. Each of them gets gangbanged by two or three guys in every scene here – and the point is that the whole thing actually takes place in the most unexpected (and often public) locations. All-hole nailing on the beach, in the woods or park, on construction site or something and massive almost-bukakke cumshots for dessert in every scene... Hmm, that's not bad at all! Besides, the network of this one seems to be a total must-see too!

However, there were things that got me a little worried too, unfortunately. The trailer scenes don't seem to be qualitative enough, plus, this website appears to be a Russian site and you know what them Russian sites are – their owners are always proud of them being reality ones but Russian reality porn often turns out to be way too realistic, you know. :) Well, there still is no better way out than sliding into the Members area of this one and checking the things out in person – so let's just go ahead and do it!

Ha-ha, here we are. The root of all evil got uncovered during the very first seconds that I spent inside this one. The point is that the collection of hardfucktales.com turns out to be a fairly tiny one – in spite of being hot as hell. The numbers on the inside have got nothing to do with the numbers on the inside – what you will get in there are as few as 8 full scenes!

Such "abundance" can be explained by one simple thing – the described adult site is a very new resource that was launched less than a month ago. In the beginning of September 2010, to be precise. It has taken on a really good frequency of updates straight from the start too but... The bad thing is that it didn't last – after almost a month of regular updating when new scenes were getting published once in every three days, everything stopped all of a sudden. Why so soon, guys? :)

There's at least one of my negative expectations that didn't turn out to be true though. The thing that is absolutely blameless here is the quality of content. No lies. Amazing movies with the quality reaching HD – 1280x720Px frame size, all that stuff – here they come together with really clear (yet not really huge) 1152x768Px pictures. Damn, these pictures and movies are so qualitative and the action exposed on them is so hot that I'm even starting to think that those 8 scenes are worth the membership fee. But the hell with it – let's chase those provocative thoughts away and switch on to the analysis of extras, which should be really plentiful here.

So, there are three more sites that you will be able to enjoy for free here – all three of them being as hot, as exclusive and as Russian as this porn resource itself. And what about their size? Student Sex Parties offers you 48 scenes, My Pickup Girls – 91 scenes and Cash for sex tape – 32 scenes. Not that bad after all, huh? :) Looks like the information on the front page of the reviewed resource wasn't that misleading after all – the trick was that it described the network and not this site in particular.

So what do you think about this one? You know, I was simply mesmerized by the arousing potential of its scenes as well as by the abundance of exclusive content offered by its network. Maybe the XXX site under analysis this time is worth seeing after all? You know, I would say that it is, even though it's a no-no-no and bad-bad-doggy solution. :)


memberzone screenshot 1 (2010-11-01)
Screenshot #1 (2010-11-01)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2010-11-01)
Screenshot #2 (2010-11-01)


Trial: 1 $ (1 days non-recurring)
Monthly: 34.95 $ (30 days non-recurring)
3 Month: 59.95 $ (90 days non-recurring)

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