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Some people say that the epoch of live adult webcam show sites is nearing its end. Frankly, maybe I will even agree with this saying due to a whole lot of reasons – the main one of them being the fact that there at all those webcam sites you can find just anyone. Any rookie from fuck knows where can play pretend he or she is a pro nude model and come fooling around for you in front of his or her webcam sparing you from your money but not actually giving you enough stuff in return. Plus, it should be said that the prices at all those webcam chats often turn out to be way over what one can afford and what you get in return is not always worth what you spend on it.

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Fortunately, there are exceptions from this grave rule – exceptions like Glamour Stars Live. When I first saw this site, I was, like, wow, are these girls really posing here for their chatmates live? You know, the point is that each and every of them is as hot as a young woman can only be. Willowy bodies, angelic faces, big breasts or small perky ones (whatever is the way you prefer them) – they all are as hot as all those Hollywood celebrities you see on the screen of your telly! Damn, this already makes worth seeing! Let's see what else this seemingly tempting resource can offer us, live webcam chatters.

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The fact that this site features super-hot babes only takes its toll on the size of its team – at the moment there are as few as 56 super-sexy chicks working for it. What, you say? There are sites that feature 10,000 models and up! Well, you just go and take a look at this resource and you will understand that each of them is worth those 10,000. :)

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The most surprising thing is that most of those 56 girls are online throughout the daytime and most of the evening – British time, I mean. When I entered this site less then a dozen of them were offline with the rest offering you to hook it up with them any time you wish. Any time you wish? Well, not exactly. Here comes another specialty of the reviewed website. This is a site with attitude. Since its models are so hot and, consequently, always in demand, it's no surprise that you actually have to "book" them 24 hours in advance. This means you can't just come there and grab one hottie whenever you want – you have to adhere to the site's rules, homie!


The outstanding beauty of the featured models also affects the price of service here. A minute of chatting will cost you $2-3. Not that much, you say? Yep, I do agree with you. However, you should also take the fact that you will have to tip the model if you want her to do something sexy for you into account. You want her to tease you? 25 dollars, please. A topless show for you? $50 on the counter! You want to see this hottie all naked? Get a C-note ready for her, homie. Yeah, this is life.


Is there a way to bypass those significant charges? Yes, there is – and there won't be anything illegal in me telling you about it. The point is that every once in a while each model holds an interactive group show with everyone admitted at a tiny fee of $10. Yeah, she will get naked and she will behave naughty – and you can see it all live real cheap! Damn, this is something that I really like the reviewed site for. :) Oh yeah, the free registration giving you access to models' profiles also rocks. And yeah, so does the choice of fantasies that any model can perform in exchange for some of your cash. She can be a cheerleader, a nurse, a burlesque girl or whoever else you want her to be as long as you are paying. :) This, together with all the stuff I have already mentioned makes me come up with the following conclusion: if you don't mind throwing around some cash, visit this paysite – this will be a top-notch investment of your funds. ;)


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