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Girls Next Door Abused porn review


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Review porn site: Girls Next Door Abused

Some people thing that professional porn stars are the nastiest in bed. Deepthroating, spanking, all-hole sex, even groupies – yeah, they do it all. Still, there's at least one way in which they will never compare to girls-next-door. Girls-next-door are the easiest to get laid – no doubt. You just meet one in the street or in club, you take her to your place, you fuck her and kick her out in the morning. Bingo! You are ready to start the search of a brand-new pussy, congratulations.

The relationship described above is exactly what Girls Next Door Abused is dedicated to. This site is a cool one – it shows you quite a lot of them rookies getting nailed like there ain't no tomorrow. However, the word "abused" here is not that much of an integral part of the action, fortunately – the male stars of this site rarely go beyond simple facials or a couple of dirty remarks in the end of the fuck. Nothing too brutal or too kinky. Sure, if you prefer real hardcore extreme, then this adult source is probably not that much of a must-see for you but if it's plain amateur hardcore content that you are after – then just welcome! :)

Just like it often happens at amateur porn sites, turns out to contain videos only. Well, yeah, why bother about the pics if you just don't have the time or appropriate equipment for it? Just grab that camcorder and go ahead – show your neighbor's daughter what sex is all about! So, the choice of those neighbor's-daughter kind of videos here is decent but definitely not stunning – there are 34 of them at the moment.

However, judging by the dates of updates, the abovementioned amount is expected to grow considerably larger in the nearest future – even though I have to admit that Girls Next Door Abused looks kind of shabby, it is claimed to be updated every single week. Well, so be it – at least I don't see any reason sufficient enough for me to stay skeptic and continue thinking that this resource is an outdated one. Weekly updates are cool!

Oh whew, looks like I wasn't attentive enough when I said that this porn paysite doesn't offer any pics to its users. There is actually something to replace them – the screenshots from the videos. This looks like a nice attempt to please the customer but turns out to be a very disappointing thing, unfortunately – these screenshots turn out to be 720x540Px ones, which makes me suppose that the frame size of the videos matches this showing exactly (the "suppose" part is all due to the fact that this fuckin' site doesn't allow me to access it cause the users from my country are not welcome here – gotta surf it with a proxy, which prevents me from downloading the videos). 720x540 movies... Hmm, I don't think that someone still shoots this kind of stuff and, therefore, I just can't help doubting either the exclusiveness or the regularity of updates here.

Anyway, the hell with the quality – if you are not that satisfied with it, you shouldn't worry cause the described XXX site actually allows you to penetrate the wonderful world of amateur porn that hardly seems to be limited by anything at all! Inside the bonus section you will get access to 12 video feeds and 5 sites (all dedicated to teens and rookies) right from the moment you sign up to this XXX website and then... Well, the longer you wait while rebilling your membership here, the more you get. About 4 and a half months after your signup you will end up owning free unlimited access to 28 video feeds and 14 sites, the described porn website being one of them. Needless to say that the longer you wait, the hotter those bonuses get. Already seems to be a reason sufficient enough to sign up to this one, eh? ;)


memberzone screenshot 1 (2010-12-02)
Screenshot #1 (2010-12-02)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2010-12-02)
Screenshot #2 (2010-12-02)


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