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GGG sex box porn review


Content Quality
14 / 20  
Amount of Content
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9 / 15  
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Review porn site: GGG sex box

GGG Sexbox is one hell of a kinky porn site – a site that is so hardcore that I just had to do some research in order to describe the things exposed on its pages in full. :) So, as far as I understand, the main specialties of this one are: rough sex, domination and humiliation, bukkake and, on top of it all, pee showers. The latter, by the way, gets the most noticeable in all the trailers that I have had the chance to take a sneak peek at so far – the poor bitches getting gangbanged here literally get drenched with urine! Sometimes it looks like the studs nailing them have been drinking beer all day long and got the chance to empty their bladders only in the course of the insane shoots. Shit, this is something.

GGG Sexbox (GGG stands for "German Goo Girls") is a site fully dedicated to the pornographic works of John Thompson, who is, perhaps, the most prominent figure in German bukkake and pissing porn industry. All the videos and pics made by this dude are so wild that some of them even got banned in a number of states and… Well, banned or not banned – you will have the chance to see them all here. Frankly, I just can't wait to do it. :)

Oh my… Just like expected, the inside of this resource turned out to be even hotter than the outside. All those crazy scenes of merciless all-hole fucking, fisting, object insertions, all those messy facials, all those golden showers and fountains of fresh piss streaming into the girls' mouths... Frankly, I just can't imagine how GGG Sexbox manages to stuff it all into 48 full-time videos. This is not a really huge collection, I'd say – but it does feel huge due to the fact that each of its scenes is truly action-packed.

What is rather disappointing is the quality of the content supplied by GGG Sexbox, unfortunately. See, some of these videos are claimed to have been produced in 2009 – but their bitrate of 1600Kbps (absolute maximum) doesn't make me feel too eager to believe in it. The pics are not any better – their full size never goes above 1000x750Px and, by the way, there are fewer photo scenes than videos – only 34, to be precise.

I don't know if John Thompson Productions continues its work now or not – but it looks like the trickle of new scenes to GGG Sexpot has already stopped never to recommence again. The almost-daily updates getting published at this site ain't got anything to do with that mouthwatering rough stuff in most of the cases – they are plain mainstream DVDs flowing into the Bonus DVDs section. At the moment there are 700+ of them there – and only 7 of them are dedicated to BDSM. No pissing, no bukkake – nothing of that kind.

The situation with bonus sites is already better. Oh yeah, bud, that's right – there will be a whole lot of extra resources there as well! There are around 90 of them, as far as I can see, and there are at least quite some BDSM and bukkake sites among them – including Madchen Mund, which is another classy super-famous fruit of John Thompson Productions' labor. Whew, now I really feel that it's getting hot in herre. :)

The kind of content offered by GGG Sexbox is very rare, my word – you will hardly find it at every other porn site, so… I guess that it's not that much of a bad deal, huh? :) I'm so stunned by what I have seen in all those scenes that I even stopped caring about their relatively narrow choice and low quality! Hmm, I have to admit that it has hardly ever happened to me before – so you can tell for sure that GGG Sexbox is an exceptional resource! Have fun at it – you will love it! ;)


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Screenshot #1 (2010-07-12)
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