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"Frisky Baby Sitters" site review

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7 / 10 (3 sites)



2nd Review porn site: Frisky Baby Sitters

The fact that the outside of Frisky Babysitters hasn’t changed at all over the past three years is quite an alarming sign and… Unfortunately, it means exactly what I feared it would mean. This resource is growing more and more outdated with each new day – inside it you will find the same 44 episodes that used to be there 3 years ago. Damn, that’s not good at all! Looks like this site is about the worst babysitter porn resource I have seen lately.

Quite expectedly, the quality of content, the regularity (or actually the lack) of updates and other major features of this site didn’t change at all. What did change though is the count of bonus sites. Right now there are 27 of them offering their pics and videos to you but the most disappointing thing about them is that almost all of them are as bad as Frisky Babysitters meaning that their collections are small and outdated. There are quite some cool Old and Young porn sites and it really hurts me to see that they are turning into pathetic XXX collections that no one will ever be interested in slowly but surely.


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