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About site

When I first saw Freddies World, I thought that it was just another Dad+Girl porn site dedicated to the adventures of another lucky old bastard – not really big, not really qualitative and not really nasty. However, a closer look at the pages and the trailer episodes quickly made me change my mind. Alright, I still don’t like the design of it and the quality of the content that it supplies still remains quite a questionable matter (I will hardly be able to tell you anything about it unless I sneak into the Members area) – but the seductiveness and the exclusiveness of this resource’s content… Man, this is something I no longer doubt! Juicy young girls enjoying nylon fetish sex and playing with enormous dildos in front of Freddie’s all-seeing camera, taking his old stinky dick in their tight assholes while plugging their snatches with their rubber toys and eagerly allowing Freddie to share their holes with his buddies – that’s what you will be offered to see at this XXX resource! Holy crap, this is something! I have to see this site from the inside right now!

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Okay, I’m in and I feel I have to warn you straight from the start telling that I will hardly be able to say whether still gets updated or not. See, there are absolutely no dates of the updates stated here, which makes me suspect that this resource is already forsaken by its owners and models. What makes me stick to this impression even more is the fact that the design and the navigation system at the XXX site under my scrutiny both suck and suck badly. Well, who knows, maybe this is just the porn site of an amateur who doesn’t really know what is required from an XXX source these days.

Amount of Content

Surprisingly, the collection of this resource is not actually that bad – all in all, there are 87 hot scenes here, all featuring Freddie and his fresh babes and sometimes his fresh babes on their own. Besides, some of this old kink’s friends also appear in the movies from time to time – and they are as old as him too. I have to admit that the scenes offered here are even hotter than I imagined – all of them are so kinky! Besides, I have never thought that an old guy could talk rookies into all-hole sex so easily. Man, Freddie is either a real love doctor or a fuckin’ millionaire paying his bitches a good deal of cabbage!

Content Quality

One of the most noticeable features of this resource is the following: most of its freshest scenes are available on video only. Pics can be found in only the oldest episodes and, thus, I guess that you won’t be really surprised when you hear that they are not as qualitative as one would want them to be – their resolution is usually as low as 800x521Px or something like that. However, they are shown in a pretty user-friendly Flash-based pic viewer window, so you might still be interested in leafing through them from time to time, especially after you see how easy it is. The vids, in their turn, are considerably better – the freshest of them have got fairly modest size of 640x480Px but their bitrate… How high do you think it is? 5556Kbps, man! Wow, looks like


I have made one hell of a hasty conclusion when I supposed that this resource was no longer getting updated!


So, as you can see, the reviewed website is a very misleading resource – despite looking so shabby and outdated both from the outside and from the inside, it turns out to be a really hot one offering you a good deal of mind-blowing Old+Young hardcore porn movies of totally incredible quality! It’s a pity that it doesn’t offer its users any bonuses but, honestly, even without them it turns out to be worth seeing.

Amount of Content

Girls out West just keeps on getting better and better with every new day – the daily updates are still in place here and that’s exactly what accounts for the super-rapid growth of its collection of amateur porn. Right now there are 3258+ movies and 2440+ photo scenes, which proves that Annie is mostly into shooting stills but… I don’t care much as I’m just blown away by this resource, no exaggeration involved.

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