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Francine Dee site blocked Review date: 2011-08-09
Monthly: 24.95 $ (30 days )
3 month: 59.95 $ (90 days )

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When I first saw the personal site of Francine Dee, I was, like, wow… No, really, this resource looks so good that it can make you feel nothing but pure untamed excitement – excitement about everything from the beauty of its model to the stunning interface of the recently renovated site. It’s one of those few adult sites that are a true pleasure to use.

But let’s not spend too much time on the unimportant and focus on Francine instead. This ripe and very curvaceous 30-something-year-old solo model might easily be the hottest Filipina on Earth – and I’m almost sure she is the hottest Filipina you have ever seen. She’s got body as willowy as that of a wild cat and she sports a totally mind-blowing set of big enhanced tits that I find absolutely dazzling. Francine does softcore stuff only but the way she does it is so much different from what you are used to seeing at other softcore sites. It’s not plain nude photography – it’s real art of seduction!

Having taken a brief look through the free tour area (there’s so much teaser content here, by the way – enough to give you an idea what is all about), I headed on into the Members area. Boy, what I found there was anything but disappointing. 188 photo galleries, the oldest of which date back to early 2008, 115 videos… This is anything but bad for a solo model, for sure. I was also astounded by the variety of lesbian sex pics and videos available at this site – looks like Francine is not that much of a solo goodie-goodie after all. Those girl-on-girl scenes are not too hardcore – but amazingly hot nevertheless.

The quality of content is something that I can’t quite complain about either. Even though most of the movies that Francine supplies to her members are actually the records of her live shows, their quality is still good enough for me to call them HD. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to find the button that would allow me to download them but… The hell with it, maybe it’s just me being not attentive enough. Anyway, even watching those vids online feels awesome. The pics, in their turn, are available only in their downloadable form – in lightweight archives comprising 3000x2000Px photos. Well, they are not exactly this big (something around 2800x1900Px) but I just can’t keep myself in from giving them the highest quality rating, sorry. :) They are awesome!

the XXX paysite under my scrutiny can hardly be called a lazy girl – she updates her site twice a week – once with a video and then with a pic shot of herself. Again, I’d say it’s anything but bad for a solo model. You might disagree with me but I will know that it’s simply because of you being a bit too demanding. ;)

The extras? Oh yeah, the analyzed website has got many! Her bonus content area is updated with Asian porn pics and videos daily! Here you will see lots of sexy Oriental ladies going down and dirty too – even fucking in every other scene, by the way. Still, it’s not even the bonus photo and video content that stuns me the most – what I like much more are the extras from Francine herself. This busty’s house is equipped with several cams sending live video into the Web! Yeah, the girl is THIS naughty! She doesn’t need no privacy and is eager to show you everything, at any time of day or night! Want more? You will get more. Every once in a while you will get an opportunity to win a date with Francine! At this very moment, for example, the prize draw is for a two-day trip to Hawaii. Everything is included – even the attention of Francine, who will be your personal guide around the island. Damn, that’s crazy.

Did I like the reviewed adult site? No, I did not like it – I fucking loved it! :) No, really, it’s been one of the very best porn sites I have seen and reviewed lately – my most recent favorite, I would even say. Check it out – it’s definitely worth it.


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