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  • Content Quality
    19 / 20
  • Amount of Content
    14 / 20
  • Updates
    12 / 15
  • Site Design and navigation
    12 / 15
  • Originality
    14 / 15
  • Extras
    4 / 15


Concept of Fart Fantasy is as simple as it can be: it exposes various girls farting in close-up porn videos. There is no particular setting behind the scenes, no stories or any “fantasies”, which is a rather irrelevant word in this case. Simple close-up fetish porn videos, exposing assholes of various girls, as they break wind.


There are nearly three thousands of porn videos, and all they look the same. The only part of the video that changes is the model herself, while script and camerawork, background and the action remain the same. Monotonousness is the proper word, though maybe there are people who prefer it this way. The porn site belongs to Fetish niche, no doubt, particularly the relatively rare category of fetish porn: farting.

Scene format

Scenes on Fart Fantasy are very similar to each other: from 3.30 to 4.30 minutes in length, they expose various girls in doggy style, missionary and spoons positions, spreading their buttocks with the close-up foreshortening of camera, farting and sometimes talking. They merely masturbate or use sex toys, though there are few scenes with that kind of action. In most videos, however, you simply get the close-up farting action, which is very specific.

+ Very impressive number of scenes

There are over 2984 porn videos on Fart Fantasy. All of these are original and barely seen before anywhere else. Despite the enormous amount of porn videos, the overall playtime of the collection is not so big: just 4 minutes average length of the scenes is not the best multiplier we've seen yet. Additionally, there are 3 (three) photo sets, available on this site, with 6-8 photos each. Anyway, the number of videos (which are definitely the main type of content) makes us assess this collection positively.

+ Relatively good HD quality

The few available photos have 3000x2000 pixels original resolution, and it's nice. Videos are available in two formats for streaming: mobile (~480p flash) and HD (720p mp4). The HD version is downloadable within the certain membership plan, and provides the bitrates of over 6,000 kbps, which is pretty good for true HD. Watching the videos online is also not a problem: the quality remains fine. Photos cannot be downloaded in zip archives (who cares?).

+ Nearly daily updates since 2007

Judging by the number of scenes (and it's the only indicator, since there is no update schedule and no date stamps on the videos), Fart Fantasy updates daily since the very start. It was launched in 2007, and now has over 2984 scenes, with a known short break in 2014. That gives us daily updating frequency (just as they promise).

+ Simple and functional design (though not very beautiful)

The design of Fart Fantasies may look rather repelling, but it is functional and rather convenient. You can switch to Videos / Photos or Channels (categories) in one click, also ordering the content by date, rating, number of views, playtime or number of comments. Each scene is provided with category and action tags, allowing quick filtering, plus a list of similar scenes. There are precise rating option (1-100) and comments; members can populate their Favorites list.

- No network / bonus sites (just one bonus DVD)

Unfortunately, there are no other sites, offered within the same membership with Fart Fantasies. While the producer definitely has few other resources (including the Fart Domination porn site), it doesn't offer shared access to these within one network; thus, the only bonus section that you may find is DVD, where just one DVD tittle (Bottomless 2), with approximately 17 scenes is available. Not impressive, at all.

- Poor model profiles

As often, Fart Fantasy doesn't offer much information about its models. A poor model index doesn't allow an sorting or filtering except for the alphabetic filter, and model profiles do not contain any information except for the name, ethnicity and hair color of the model (which is obvious). Additionally, the model profile photos have very bad quality, which is disappointing.

Expectations vs Reality

We are promised “best fart porn online, new scenes added almost daily, always adding new fart models” and differentiation of access packages. Well, these are pretty subjective claims, though they really update nearly daily, and have a plenty of girls. Well, at least, they do not try to cheat


There are three types of membership: $1 rental (VOD) membership, which allows to buy credits and buy lifetime access to particular videos, regular streaming-only membership, selling at $29.95, and the All-Access membership for $39.95, allowing also to download the HD mp4's. They accept credit cards and checks via CCBill, and give an opportunity to save 10% to Bitcoin owners. We haven't noticed any pre-checked cross sales, but still you should be careful.


Rare niche, huge collection of short original videos and regular updates make Fart Fantasy rather attractive for the lovers of the specific sexual action. No bonus content, relatively high price and rather monotonous content make it useless for those, who do not enjoy farting. Thus, you should decide for yourself, whether you like the Farting niche or not, and then consider subscribing to the Fart Fantasy porn site, choosing the membership plan that best fits your needs.



  • Monthly: 1.00 $ (rental (VOD) membership )
  • Monthly: 29.95 $ (regular streaming-only membership )
  • Monthly: 39.95 $ (All-Access membership )

Payment options:  Credit Cards, Online Check
Billing:  CCBill
Prechecked sales:  no

Site Facts

Average length:4 min
Number of movies:over 2984
Video formats:
  • MP4, 6118 kbps kb/s 720p
HD video:yes
Pic sets: 3
Pics per set:7
Pics Resolution:3000x2000
Zip sets:no
Model Index:yes
Bonus Sites:no
Vid caps:no
  • Number of movies: 34
  • Pic sets: 34

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