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Excited Wives site blocked Review date: 2012-07-05
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  • 3 Month: 54.95 $ (90 days non-recurring)
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    Amount of Content

    Dammit! Again and again I come to a conclusion that my arithmetic skills totally suck – man, bet you can’t imagine how much it pisses me off every time I come back to a site I reviewed some time ago and find out that it not only didn’t get any larger but, in fact, got even smaller! Excited Wives is exactly the case – its Pictures section offers the same 21 galleries and the Videos one has got 220 movies instead of 225 that I told you about. Jeez, the next time I’m counting scenes at a porn site, I’m doing that with a calculator.


    So, as you can understand, the site under review itself is so much of a failure it didn’t get any larger within the past 16 months. Fortunately, its network is a little better. Right now there are 38 sites comprising it and… At least 2 more of them are dedicated to naughty oldies as well. Yeah, that’s some development. But would that be enough for you to want to sign up for this one? Gimme a break, I doubt that! Thus, keep looking – I’m sure there are better mature porn sites out there.

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