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Ex gf box porn review


Content Quality
18 / 20  
Amount of Content
12 / 20  
9 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
15 / 15  
11 / 15  
15 / 15  
Other Review Rating
8 / 10 (5 sites)


Very Good


Review porn site: Ex gf box

There are so many ways, in which rookies are better than professional porn stars. Models fuck for cash while rookies fuck for pleasure. Rookies are fresher. Rookies are usually more beautiful but not necessarily less naughty. I fucking love rookies! :) What about you? If you do love them and their homemade XXX masterpieces too, then plunge into the ocean of amateur teen porno at Ex GF Box – hope that it will really turn out to be an ocean and not just a shallow puddle of porn.

Oh man… Will I ever find a rookie porn site that will feature no one but real rookies? No, I don’t wanna come down on the analyzed adult site too heavily cause it obviously does feature some amateurs but… Far not all of them are as amateur as they try to look. I have already noticed a couple of familiar porn star faces here on the free tour pages of this one and I don’t feel really good about it. Sure, maybe I’m too demanding, maybe I’m picking on this resource a bit too much – but let’s see. Let’s slide into the Members area and give it the usual unbiased examination that all the porn sites that I get to review go through.

Hmm, okay, I see that the XXX source under my scrutiny is getting updated more or less regularly – or has been getting updated up until now, at least. The last time something new was published by its owners was about 10 days ago while before that the gaps between the updates never exceeded 4 or 5 days. Does it mean that there is something really bad happening with this site? No, I wouldn’t say so – most probably it’s just that the rookie hunters decided to take a little summer break. But you’ve got to watch out here anyway – the chances that the updating has stopped for good here are still pretty high.

The collection of exgfbox.com is not that big – at the moment, there are only 83 videos and 108 pic galleries comprising it. On the other hand, maybe I shouldn’t have been so rough with it when I was talking about the presence of pros here. Okay, I did bust one or two pro teen porn models here but that was it – the number of rookies is still enormously larger than that of pros at this XXX site. My apologies here, I guess.

The quality of content? Well, just like at any homemade porn site it is very uneven here at this adult resource – but I’m still fairly satisfied with it. I have even run into a couple of scenes that comprised 1680x1260Px photos and 720x576Px videos with the bitrate of over 5000Kbps. Okay, I do agree that the frame size showing is a crap one but the bitrate! This shit is crystal-clear even though it comes in a window so tiny. I could hardly expect to be impressed by the quality at a homemade porn site – but I was impressed by it.

Loving this site so far, aren’t you? Well, here comes one more reason for you to love it – the described XXX paysite is backed up by what feels like a fucking ton of extra content! The network it belongs to is called Teen mega world – it comprises 28 sites (counting the analyzed porn paysite itself) and you know what? The majority of those sites are simply amazing! Of course, maybe there are more pros than rookies there but the action itself is completely different either. There are no more solos already and all-hole sex and wild groupies and gangbangs are everywhere… And yes, just like the network’s name presupposes, it features no one but teen girls. Not the girls that look like teens but real teens only! Quite tempting, ain’t it?

Okay, so the decision here comes off as a fairly expectable one, I believe, right? this porn resource is not that much of a bad one by itself and the bonuses that it supplies you with… Jeez, they just make my head go round and round! Check this one out if you have the time to – it rocks!


memberzone screenshot 1 (2011-07-27)
All Scenes (2011-07-27)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2011-07-27)
Models (2011-07-27)
memberzone screenshot 3 (2011-07-27)
Hot Brunette Gets Fucked (2011-07-27)
memberzone screenshot 4 (2011-07-27)
Sexy Babe Stripping and Masturbating (2011-07-27)


Trial: 1 $ (2 days recurring)
Monthly: 29.95 $ (30 days recurring)
2 month: 59.95 $ (60 days recurring)
Year: 89.95 $ (365 days non-recurring)

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