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Euro Humpers porn review


Content Quality
16 / 20  
Amount of Content
8 / 20  
6 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
12 / 15  
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7 / 10 (11 sites)



Review porn site: Euro Humpers

Like stories about sex tourism and going to various cool places around the world to get pussy? Well, I’m ready to tell you a very interesting one then. The site I’m going to review tonight is called Euro Humpers and it tells you about the kick-ass adventures of two American college studs that talked their parents into sending them over to Europe to continue their education there and… Education my ass! What these two guys did when they got placed into the atmosphere of unleashed sex fun and debauchery was making their own porn site with young Euro sluts featured!

They refer to European girls as “less spoilt” in a positive way – less spoilt by attention and money, these honeys turn out to be way more spoilt in everything that has got to do with sex. They gladly agree to fuck in front of camera and do it much better than their American counterparts. At least, when you talk about amateur hoochies. I didn’t see any familiar faces or pussies of pro porn stars at this adult resource. What I saw, however, was a good deal of balls deep pussy fucking, messy cumshots and shit like that. Yeah, this site looks tempting, there’s no need to deny it. Let’s slide into its Members area now and see if it is as tempting as the free tour.

Well, unfortunately, it is not. It seems to me that the European trip of these two US fuckers is over now – this is what I can tell when I look at the list of updates here. The last time something new was added here was 4 months ago. I don’t think it can be justified by the fact that the guys are in urgent search of new Euro pussies for their site and stuff like that. Most probably they simply decided to move on, which is a pity for the whole porn community on the Internet.

And you know what? I wouldn’t actually say that the 4 years these guys spent in Europe were extremely productive. has been online since 2007 and all the way into late 2011 but everything that its content archive has got to offer now are 23 scenes. Well, it leaves us with some hope to see more content someday here cause 2007 and 2008, for instance, were marked with only 1 update each and there weren’t any updates at all in 2009, but… I don’t think there will be too many people willing to wait for so long.

What can’t be denied though is the fact that the owners and stars of this XXX paysite did a good job shooting high-quality content for the site. At least, this is what I can tell about the videos that sport the bitrate of 2650Kbps along with almost-HD frame size of 1250x702Px. The 900x600Px pictures are pretty impressing too but they are way too far from the 3000x2000Px masterpieces that other sites from the same network can offer. But that’s what makes the reviewed XXX site a real amateur porn site after all.

What was that about the “same network”, you wonder? Hell yeah, this is where we get to what might be the most tempting part of this adult paysite. This site is a part of Porn Pros – a real killer network of 26 sites, most of which are already far not as amateur as the one under review. The good part is that most of them are way bigger and more up-to-date than the analyzed site is. Guess that the main question here is if you get access to all 26 sites when you join the website under review today, right? Well, the answer is yes!

So what on Earth should I tell about this XXX source in the end of this review? You know, this site itself didn’t manage to impress me much in spite of featuring such overwhelmingly sexy young Euro babes. You know, it’s not big enough and it’s outdated and these are the things I will hardly ever agree to tolerate. But the network backing it up is awesome. And it might change the way many perceive this resource, no doubt.


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