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Fetish is not about sex, but about some deviations, that make actions unrelated to sexual contact even more pleasant than good old in and out. One of such actions, adored by kinky girls and men, is spanking. It can be related to punishment, or come on its own just as physical pain, but some people get really excited by it. Elite Spanking designed exactly for such people, who do not take spanking as a game, a prelude to sexual act, but enjoy it particularly. The porn site contains 236 porn videos, approximately 3-5 minutes each, and a set of photos for each scene. Accessible through Fetish Network, Elite Spanking has inherited the design of its super site, but misses some high-quality download and streaming options.

+ Large network (many bonus sites)

Fetish Network, containing the Elite Spanking porn site, consists of 39 total porn sites, most of which are pure fetish / BDSM porn sites. It includes such sites as Pure Smoking, Amateur Smothering, Tokyo Slaves, Pain Freaks, Bound 4 You, Nylon Fetish Videos and many others, whose titles speak for themselves.

- No exclusive content

It seems that Elite Spanking is getting its videos from some other producer, which means that those videos are not exclusive and are available somewhere else but on this porn site. It pretty much makes it useless source of the spanking scenes, particularly because of the impression that original porn videos producer for some reasons offers better quality of the same content.

- Insufficient amount of content

Amount of content isn’t the strong part of Elite Spanking, but you cannot really blame it for small amount of videos. Total of 236 porn scenes are available, and their short duration makes total hours of spanking porn insufficient for a long-term membership. Despite the fact that the Fetish Network, which includes Elite Spanking, offers two more bonus sites devoted to spanking, with additional 134 videos, it’s still not enough for a good porn site, even within a large BDSM network.

- Average to low quality

For reasons unknown, Elite Spanking does not contain HD or Full HD videos, unlike other porn sites of the network. The maximum video quality you can expect from the porn site is 800 x 448 resolution. Photos come at resolution up to 1024 x 576, which is clearly not enough for a modern porn resource. Streaming has satisfying quality, and runs smoothly. In general, the porn site’s content quality is high enough for enjoyable streaming and browsing, but insufficient for downloading and watching on high-resolution TV screen.

- Stopped updating

The last porn video was added to Elite Spanking on November 26, 2013. Since that time, there is no sign of updating on the porn site. While the network is regularly uploading new scenes, Elite Spanking seems to be left in current state in favor of other porn sites of the network.

- Unattractive design, slow navigation, uninformative interface

Porn site’s design doesn’t make a good impression, just like Fetish Network’s general design, because they are literally one. You access the porn site’s videos from the Network’s main page, and thus experience all the inconveniences of its design. There are no tags, no filters but site filters for scenes, no model index, no ability to comment videos. Navigation takes too much effort. The information about videos is quite brief — you can’t see the playtime, cast of models and do not really have a transparent choice of quality of your streaming or download. You can add scenes to favorites, right. Also, there is too much advertising all over the porn site — half the page is covered in banners.

- No model index, no model profiles

There is no model index at all, so there is nothing much to talk about. Yet Fetish Network, particularly Elite Spanking, has not developed the proper model index or model profiles, so you can’t really track models. The only section where you get limited access to cast of models, is Custom Video, where you can pick one to play in your custom video.

Expectations vs Reality

There is no separate free tour for the Elite Spanking porn site, but in general it does not fit the promises made by Fetish Network: it only has 236 videos, it doesn’t update at all, and it’s not exclusive. The best thing about it is that you get access to the whole network at once.


Monthly membership of Fetish Network is sold for $39.95, 90 days membership costs $24/month, and you can buy yearly subscription for $16.67 per month, billed with one payment. No information about discounts available, but you can try to get a discount once you’re a member of one of the network’s “friend” porn sites.


The porn site didn’t change since 12/26/2013.


Unfortunately, talking about Elite Spanking in particular, there are not many things that this resource can be proud of. Since is stopped updating and developing, there is also not much hope that it will become any better. The main problems of Elite Spanking is non-exclusive content, relatively low quality, short videos and small photo sets, inconvenient design and no updates since 2013. It’s advantages is that the porn site comes together with a number of other resources, more attractive in terms of quality and amount of content, and probably the serious attitude to spanking, making it pick really pure porn videos. Check the Fetish Network, and if you like it, subscribe, and you will get access to Elite Spanking for free.


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Site Facts


  • Average length:5
  • Number of movies: 236
  • Video formats:
    • 1661 kb/s
  • Full length videos:no
  • Streaming:yes
  • HD video:no


  • Pic sets: 236
  • Pics per set:25
  • Pics Resolution:1024 x 576
  • High Res pictures:no
  • Zip sets:no


  • Model Index:no
  • Bonus Sites:yes (2 sites)
  • Vid caps:yes
  • Live chat:yes
  • Message board:no
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