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Electricity Play porn review


Content Quality
14 / 20  
Amount of Content
8 / 20  
7 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
10 / 15  
13 / 15  
12 / 15  
Other Review Rating
6 / 10 (5 sites)



Review porn site: Electricity Play

You think that the main reason why the mankind uses electricity is because they need to power up their fucking home appliances? Well, unfortunately, this is probably one of the main reasons. The masses don’t yet know the sexual potential of electricity and how much pleasure it can bring to them. Fortunately, the time of electric enlightenment has come – today we will be reviewing Electricity Play, which is a site fully dedicated to the brutal yet exciting pleasures of electric stimulation.

The main star of this resource, evil Dr. Sparky, is an old dude dressed in menacing big black rubber gloves and apron, which allow him to avoid getting the shocks that he’s got ready for his slavegirls. The slavegirls, in their turn, are more than plentiful here – you will see them getting bound and shocked into tears by Dr. Sparky and then getting drilled by the evil genius and his submissive little helpers. Everything looks even more than just tempting here. Everything, except the quality of the trailer scenes and that of the site design. Damn, the analyzed XXX site really looks like it comes from the Stone Age. I really hope that it’s just an illusion – and I look forward to researching it more inside the Members area.

Just like any super-rare porn site, the reviewed adult site surely doesn’t boast of a super-huge collection. What you will have to content yourself with inside the Members area of this one are 48 full-size scenes, each available both on pics and on video. Think this ain’t enough for you? Well, don’t know, don’t know. Even though there are so few of those scenes, the good part is that each and every of them totally kicks ass. Never seen electric torture porn get as kinky as it does here.

However, just like I expected, the quality of content totally sucks here. the analyzed XXX resource is one of the worst sites I have seen in my life – it has got 720x480Px videos with the bitrate of only slightly above 2000Kbps and, which is even worse, 640x480Px pictures to offer you. I guess you are already experienced enough to understand that a site supplying content of such quality has got no future – only the past that actually dates back to a very very remote period of time. No, really, the contents of this site look like they were shot back in the 1990s.

When I went to the section listing the updates at electricityplay.com, I wasn’t even hoping to find anything more or less up-to-date there. Quite expectedly, there wasn’t even a single update published here at this site for the past few months already. Electricity Play is outdated – and its owners ain’t even a tiny bit ashamed of it, as it seems.

Fortunately, this site is backed up by one hell of a big network – a big network of over 30 sites, all of which, unfortunately, turn out to be supplying their members with content sporting quality as low as that of the pics and videos available from the analyzed XXX source. And some of them are claimed to be getting updated on a regular basis! Come on, gimme a break – all that stuff looks like it comes from years ago. What is cool here though is the fact that those bonus sites are not any less kinky than the reviewed site itself. Sex with dirty crack whores, sex with midgets and trannies, sex with sybians… It’s all here to pleasure you, my dear perverts.

Summing this review up, I want to provide you with a brief overview of pros and cons that Electricity Play is sporting. Pros: its content is hot and unique and there are lots of bonuses here. Cons: its content is outdated, its quality is not high enough and there isn’t too much of it. Guess it’s up to you to decide what matters more for you, my friend.


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index of member zone (2011-06-09)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2011-06-09)
Alex (2011-06-09)
memberzone screenshot 3 (2011-06-09)
Picture Gallery (2011-06-09)
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Sadie (2011-06-09)


Monthly: 29.95 $ (30 days recurring)
4 month: 99.95 $ (120 days non-recurring)

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