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Doggy boys review Review date: 2011-03-23
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80 Very Good


Trial: 19.95 $ (5 days recurring)
Monthly: 29.95 $ (30 days non-recurring)
2 Month: 49.95 $ (60 days non-recurring)


Content Quality
18 / 20  
Amount of Content
16 / 20  
11 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
12 / 15  
12 / 15  
11 / 15  
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8 / 10  (3 sites)
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10 / 10  (2 users)
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Review 2011-03-23

Back to make the review of Doggy Boys much more detailed, I'm glad to notice that this site has developed really well since the moment of its launching – and since the moment I was here last time. All in all, there are 1194 photo galleries here now – a showing impressing enough to stun any twink porn admirer. It will take you ages to enjoy the whole of this gay XXX archive, I'm telling you! Hey, and what about the videos? Well, they have been restructured, obviously – now there are only full-time scenes listed here but they are anything but numerous. There are 74 of them.

The updates at doggyboys.com are no longer as frequent as they used to be – now you will have to wait up to 1 week before something new appears here. Fortunately, in most cases the gaps between the updates are shorter. The quality of scenes got higher, though not much – the pics, for instance, went from 1155x774Px to 1280x855Px. Well, at least something. And no, there are still no bonuses here except for Polls and Guestbook sections.

Review 2009-07-30

About site

Well, this review is going to be a damn hard one, I guess. I have just entered the free tour area of Doggy Boys, the site that I am to review today, and you know what? I can’t think of a single gay porn admirer who will be able to keep himself in when looking at the adorable teen stars of this resource! I have never seen a twink porn site dedicated to the nasty hardcore and softcore adventures of such seductive youngsters! They look so fresh, so innocent and so irresistible – and that’s exactly why you are just guaranteed to be stunned when you see them fucking like a bunch of rabbits gone crazy! Sugar, I’m telling you, keeping your cock inside your pants when you look at these freshies will be the hardest thing ever for you!

Free tour

the XXX site under analysis this time seems to be a very qualitative gay porn site, which is actually no surprise to me – a porn studio possessing enough cash to purchase full access to the tight assholes of such terrific boys just has to be capable of producing content of absolutely blameless quality! Alright, I feel I just can’t wait any longer – I have just received my reviewer’s pass to this site and there is nothing that can stop me from entering the described resource now!

Amount of Content

Alright, the interface of this site’s restricted area is shitty, which, unfortunately, makes the process of surfing its amazing content a much less pleasant experience. However, I guess I can forget about it straight away since the choice of pics and videos made available by the described paysite seems to be just awesome! As far as I understand, all in all there are 175 twinky gay stars featured here – and each of them usually appears in more than 1 photo shoot! Oh boy, the total count of pic scenes here must be absolutely mind-blowing! The choice of movies is not bad at all either – there are 216 vid episodes here but… Unfortunately, I have to admit that what most of them represent are chunks of full-size scene each of which gets split into 2 to 6 parts. That’s kinda disappointing, I’d say.

Content Quality

What can I say about the quality? Well, it’s quite alright too. The pics supplied by the reviewed site come in the resolution of 1155x774Px, which is not such a high showing, though still an appropriate one for a premium porn site. The same can be said about the vids – they come in the bitrate of 2000Kbps. Alright, I will still say that I’m totally in love with this site – but the quality of the content it supplies has brought it down by a couple of points in my rating, that’s no doubt.


New updates appear here once in every two days. However, the point is that they usually comprise either full photo galleries or chunks of full-time videos. Thus, it’s absolutely no wonder why the number of vids at this site exceeds the number of photo galleries largely. Anyway, it’s good that the owners of the described porn site still update their resource so regularly – I feel we should really thank them for that, especially if you take into account the fact that there is hardly any bonus stuff here and everything you will have to content yourself with are this site’s exclusive scenes.


Straight from the start I can say one thing – the layout of the Members area at doggyboys.com is shitty, which is very disappointing. Everything is a little too flashy, not really easy to use – all the stuff seems to be somehow out of its place here. However, I really hope that this is just because I haven’t got used to it yet – and I really hope there will be no further problems with this interface.


Alright, now my final opinion about the reviewed source is a little controversial. Yes, this site’s cast is really amazing and the amount of content it supplies is fine too. However, the quality of offered pics and vids and the choice of bonus stuff sometimes really leave something to be desired, unfortunately.


screenshot 1 (2009-07-30)
Screenshot #1 (2009-07-30)
screenshot 2 (2009-07-30)
Screenshot #2 (2009-07-30)
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