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Dirty three ways porn review


Content Quality
18 / 20  
Amount of Content
4 / 20  
8 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
11 / 15  
11 / 15  
8 / 15  
Other Review Rating
7 / 10 (1 sites)



Review porn site: Dirty three ways

Dirty ThreeWays is a very special porn site – at least because it helped me to get rid of the delusion that I was under for the whole of my life thinking that a 3-way fuck was actually a fuck between one woman and three men plowing her mouth, pussy and asshole all at the same time. However, Dirty ThreeWays did open my eyes and made me understand that a 3-way fuck was a regular threesome – MMF, FFM, FFF, no matter at all! Frankly, that got me really disappointed by my language skills and the knowledge of the subject but… I still couldn’t help noticing that the stuff exposed on this resource’s pages is damn hot!

Of course, the most widespread here are MMF and FFM scenes, lots of them including anal, which is a very significant advantage, at least for me. ;) The models featured here are all pros – curvaceous beauties with slutty eyes, gorgeous bodies and perfectly sex-oriented minds telling them what to do in bed in order to please their fuckmates and watchers in the best way. Everything here seems to be pretty qualitative too but, of course, I will never believe my first impression and let Dirty ThreeWays get away as easy as that. I’m ready to cum into its Members area – hope that so are you!

Um, well… If you believe the dates of updates so generously provided by the owners of this resource here, Dirty ThreeWays is as few as 1 month old at the moment. Okay, new sites are all good and everything – but wasn’t it too brave of its owners to offer me to review the fruit of their labor while it’s still so fresh? I mean, I usually give really high ratings to sites with at least 400 scenes in their collections – what should I give to a site that supplies its members with 10 videos and 12 pic sets? Well, I’m a very tolerant person and shit – but this is not one of those cases where I will exercise my tolerance, that’s for sure. Man, I don’t even think that I can tell how frequent the updates are here (and if they actually are regular at all or not) cause there hasn’t been a single pic gallery added into Dirty ThreeWays since the day after its launch. There was a bundle of video updates released two weeks ago but since then there hasn’t been any progress spotted either. Shit, looks like I’m no longer that impressed by this source – not impressed by it at all!

The fact that this site’s content is very qualitative is the fact that I can not and will not deny though. Pics with the resolution of 1600x1000Px, videos with the frame size of 720x576Px and the bitrate of 3000Kbps – seems to be close to perfect, ain’t it? The only thing that I don’t like about the vids is that they are only available for downloading as a whole (no splitting into chunks) and in one format only (WMV). It’s not always that easy to get a 700+Mb movie downloaded to your PC and still keep yourself horny, you know. :)

There are some bonuses available but I wouldn’t say that they make much difference, in fact. There are 5 bonus sites, most of which (if not all) are about as bad as Dirty ThreeWays itself, there are 4 free galleries (ha-ha) and 75 free movies (of course, not all of them are dedicated to threesome action). Jeez, I have definitely seen bonus archives much much bigger than this one.

Okay, if you ask me about my attitude towards Dirty ThreeWays, the answer will be perfectly simple: it’s negative! I fancy its collection for being really qualitative and really hot and shit but its size… Damn, this is something I will never agree to cope with and will never agree to pay for. Buddy, Dirty ThreeWays has got to develop some – and I really hope that it does, otherwise, it’s got absolutely no future.


memberzone screenshot 1 (2010-04-01)
Screenshot #1 (2010-04-01)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2010-04-01)
Screenshot #2 (2010-04-01)


Monthly: 24.99 $ (30 days recurring)
Monthly: 29.99 $ (30 days non-recurring)

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