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Dirty teen idols porn review


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Review porn site: Dirty teen idols

Even though I have always said that niched porn sites were the absolute best, tonight I will make a little addition to this general rule – niched sites should still try hard and make their action as diverse as possible. Dirty Teen Idols, which is the teen porn site that I’m reviewing tonight, follows this rule wonderfully well. Let’s see what it results in…

Yes, this resource is all about teenage girls acting dirty. A pretty wide description, isn’t it? That’s exactly why the content at this resource is so damn diverse! the analyzed site are not restricted to fucking teens, unlike other young porn sites whose owners think that featuring fresh babes is already enough to make a site successful and, therefore, simply show them freshies taking cocks. dirtyteenidols.com has got both softcore and hardcore scenes to offer you and the trick is that the hardcore scenes are so different from each other. Teens getting their pussies stretched, teens taking it in the ass, teens swallowing cumshots and getting creampied, teens rimming each other’s assholes and licking pussies… Dirty Teen Dolls is so diverse and so abundant even though it still remains niched!

Well, the outside of this site is really promising – but what can one tell about its insides? Hmm, this is where things get tricky. the described porn site turns out to be a fairly misleading resource. For example, I was so damn happy when I entered its Members area for the first time and saw the daily updates there… It took my quite some time to understand all of them came from bonus sites. Well, that’s not actually that bad maybe – at least, the analyzed porn website has got some bonus sites backing it up and those bonus sites are getting updated well. And yeah, new scenes appear on its pages every once in a while too. Every week there will be either a new video or a new photo gallery published. Not too often but still – that’s at least something.

What I find really disappointing is the combination of quantity and quality of content here at the analyzed adult paysite. Believe it or not, but this site is trying to get away with offering you as few as 17 videos and 16 photo galleries! Damn, it’s safe to say I have seen porn sites that were a hundred times larger than this one! And the pics and the videos that it supplies… Homie, they are just laughable. Well, in any other case I would say I was just stunned by 4600Kbps vids but here I won’t put it this way – simply because those 4600Kbps videos have the frame size of 640x480Px here at this adult resource. 900x600Px photos are even worse. Yuck!

Okay, now on to the thing that most porn surfers love the most – the freebies! If you decide that Dirty Teen Idols is worth your attention and, even more importantly, your money, then don’t wait to sign up to it – its content comes together with free access to five other classy sites. They don’t focus on teens this time, however – the niches are very, very different. Housewives, secretaries, nurses, big ass babes and plain hardcore sex… Well, that’s still very interesting – as long as you are not that crazy about young pussy and nothing but young pussy.

Alright, the long-awaited moment of verdict… You know, I really had a good time here at the analyzed porn source cause the action here is hot, the models are gorgeous and the bonuses are plentiful. But I can’t forget about the questionable quality of pics and videos, the small collections of the adult resource under my scrutiny and some of the bonus sites too. Thus, would I pay for access to this resource or come back to it again? Sorry to say it but I guess I would not.


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