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Dirty Teachers Pet porn review


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Review porn site: Dirty Teachers Pet

The stories about classroom seductions are so old – yet I have to admit that they never lose their exciting potential, no doubt. If you are one of those people who get horny reading (or even thinking) about kinky older men and MILFs seducing their students in school, then listen up – I might have something interesting to tell you tonight as I’m reviewing a site called Dirty Teacher’s Pet, which is fully dedicated to Old+Young fucking in schools’ cute little classrooms.

Okay, so this site is all about slutty little schoolgirls and coeds that don’t mind fucking their way to good grades right off the teacher’s or even principal’s table. But why the heck some of the names at this site so old then? I don’t mean that the girls look too old to be schoolgirls – their looks are impeccable. But I went through some of the names and corresponding profile pages in porn star databases and… Look what I’ve got. Tia Tanaka – 24 years old. Holly Wellin – 25 years old. Ashley Long – 32 years old. Definitely not the freshest schoolgirls out there, right? :)

In fact, Dirty Teacher’s Pet ain’t got nothing to do with passing old porn models for teenies – as far as I can tell from the way its teaser scenes look, this resource is very, very outdated. Everything here looks so blurred that it might have been filmed some 5-10 years ago or something. A closer look at the quality of the content inside the Members area doesn’t reveal anything different – Dirty Teacher’s Pet offers you videos with the frame size of 640x480Px or lower and pics with the resolution of 720x480Px or lower. Not really stunning by today’s standards, right? :)

The own collection of Dirty Teacher’s Pet turns out to be almost laughable – there are as few as 47 videos and only 4 picture scenes available here. Taking the fact that it all is most probably non-exclusive into account, you surely can’t call the owners of this resource too hardworking, I’d say. However, everything changes when you look into the sections titles Teen/Coed Videos and Teen/Coed Pics that contain 3,235 movs and 17,188 photos. Yeah, the number of scenes at your disposal soars sky-high all of a sudden, doesn’t it?

There was also a funny thing about the updates that I noticed here. Dirty Teacher’s Pet is claimed to be updated weekly and all the dates of the releases and all other stuff point at it rather vividly. However, let’s have a closer look at the stats for the scene that was released only yesterday. Wow, it has already been viewed 78,635 times! You know, I really do respect the owners of this site and what they are doing but… 78 thousand views in just one day – that’s something that even music videos rarely manage! That really did smell like cheating, sorry.

If you still decide to give Dirty Teacher’s Pet a try in spite of all the imperfections, then don’t forget to check its 73 bonus sites when you are inside its Members area – but that they will offer you something interesting to choose from. There is at least one more site dedicated to young babes, plus, fresh hoochies keep on appearing at most of those 73 sites every now and then, so… But you will like those little extras too – as long as you are ready to deal with the fact that their quality is as low as that at Dirty Teacher’s Pet itself.

So, this is it. Got nothing more to say about this site. The conclusion will be rather simple here – go for Dirty Teacher’s Pet only if you are a quantity-oriented type of person cause… Well, the quality of all this stuff is very likely to disappoint you.


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