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Dirty Parodies porn review


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Review porn site: Dirty Parodies

I don't know what exactly is happening in this wonderful little porn world of ours but I can't leave one obvious tendency in it unnoticed – lately XXX parodies have gotten simply overwhelmingly popular among porn makers. I've seen that Batman porn remake recently, preceded by the Bonnie and Clyde one, preceded by some mystery porn parody that I found both hilarious and exciting enough to deserve my applause. And now I'm going even further – today I will be reviewing a porn site called Dirty Parodies. The site that offers quite some different XXX remakes of famous shows/movies/stories at once. Interesting, very interesting…

dirtyparodies.com seems to focus on 4 main plot flows – Bridesmaids, Halloween, Get it on (based on that cheerleader movie) and America's Next Top Model (the damn dirty version featuring some real famous porn stars). That's not quite up there on the Hollywood level yet, unlike the Batman and Bonnie and Clyde parodies that I mentioned above but… It's still cool. Hilarious and damn exciting again. Especially those Halloween scenes. The horror that makes you horny. I love that! :)

Now let's see how much stuff the XXX paysite under my scrutiny has actually got to offer to you. Hmm, not much, in fact. 15 Halloween scenes, 1 Bridesmaids scene, 22 Bring it on scenes and 18 America's Next Top Model scenes. What do we have here in total? 56 full-time episodes? Well, not quite, unfortunately. The point is that the scene list tends to regard video and photo galleries as separate ones while they actually match – every episode here is available both on movies and on pictures, as far as I see. Thus, there must be 28 scenes or something around that in total. Thought there would be more.

Oh, maybe I shouldn't be that demanding in terms of content amount here – at least, not yet. this adult site appears to be a brand-new one – it was launched less than two weeks ago and is currently being updated every single day. I don't know how long it will last cause I didn't manage to find the listing of upcoming updates here but… Right now it's simply perfect. 2 to 3 new releases every single day. Man, if only all porn sites were growing this fast.

The quality of the content offered by the described XXX site matches its freshness perfectly well, my word. I really like the videos here – they are just a step away from True HD (they have the resolution of 1280x720Px) and they have fairly high bitrate of 6000Kbps. How does that sound? I bet that it sounds good enough. The pictures, in their turn, have more of a medium resolution totaling 1280x851Px but they definitely can't be called bad either. Clear enough for you to sense the whole spirit of that parody thing, I believe.

the reviewed porn site also offers a good selection of bonuses to those who are after large content amounts. There are, like, 10 other XXX resources that you will have access to for free and even though they are not as unusual as the analyzed porn paysite, they still rock. There are some sites dedicated to sex with teens, some uniform porn sites, a nylon porn site, a porn site dedicated to bootylicious models and a handjob porn collection. That's gonna meet a wide variety of tastes – or satisfy a very demanding mainstream hardcore porn addict who is interested in everything that is hot and dirty. :)

I bet that there will hardly be anyone accusing me of not being fair here. this porn resource is a cool one – I only hope that it will keep on growing at the speed it shows right now and will turn into a real huge XXX parody resource soon. And now, while its collection is still not too big, you can enjoy its countless bonuses.


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