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Dirty Couple definitely belongs to Amateur category, but it’s not just a collection of random homemade videos. It features photos and clips of just one couple: Diana and her boyfriend, with their friend Maya often participating in action. The concept of the site is simple: it allows you to sneak a peek at a private sexual life of a couple, who is rather inventive and eager to experiment in bed.


The site’s title is not very relevant, if to take it literally. First of all, there are at least three participants on the site: Diana, Maya and the guy. Then, they are not that dirty: a softcore fetish like pantyhose play or masks, doesn’t make them “dirty” — everyone does such things time to time. Probably, they’re dirty because they publish their private sex videos, but I personally don’t see anything bad in it.

Scene format

There are few actions that are spread on Dirty Couple, though each scene here is unique (unlike most professional scenes). The clips do not last long, but in those 5-10 minutes you get everything you love so much: amateur sex, pussy spreading and posing naked, pantyhose and foot fetish action, such as fucking through torn pantyhose or toe sucking, and even some anal sex in POV format. Camera work is not that bad, though lighting is often poor.

+ Exclusive and diverse content

We love amateur videos for their amazing atmosphere of real fuck, often reminding us of our own experiences, and Dirty Couple has a plenty of that. All of its videos are exclusive, obviously. Also, they do not limit their adventures to simple plain fucking: there are a lot of nylons, masks, solo scenes, foot fetish and other features that diversify the action.

+ Frequent updates

It’s not conventional for a personal porn site to update regularly and frequently, but Diane and friends probably just love to make those videos. The porn site updates approximately 2-3 times a week, without any apparent schedule or plan, but with impressive consistency. For example, they’ve added new scenes on 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 14, 15, 19, 22, 23 and 24th days of February 2016. Quite impressive!

- Small amount of scenes, short clips and small photo sets

The site was launched on March 16, 2014 with a few scenes, and it’s been almost two years since Diana has first appeared in a homemade video. However, the collection is still very small: just 120 porn clips and around 125 photo sets. What is even worse, these clips are quite short: from 3 to 15 minutes, depending on type of action and the girl’s mood. Photo sets have from 10 to 40 photos, and the average is 25. Rather typical for amateur scenes, but still not impressive.

- Poor quality, despite Full HD resolution

It would be strange to expect high quality from real amateur videos, so it’s not surprising that Dirty Couples has some problems. Though they shoot their scenes with good amateur cameras, in Full HD resolution and stuff, the lighting is awful most of the times: it’s too dark to see any details. Also, the bitrate is rather poor: earliest mpg videos had HD resolution of 1280x720 and up to 9255 kbps bitrate with 25 fps, most recent ones are offered as 1920x1080 Full HD mp4’s with a bitrate slightly higher than 4000 kbps. Photos have the same 1920x1080 resolution and are available in zip archives. It’s hard to call these scenes a true Full HD; such resolution and size make no sense: you still have those low-quality videos and photos.

- Non-interactive site and too dark colors

The design on Dirty Couple is very simple, I’d even say primitive, and thus it lack several important features, such as content sorting options, ratings, comments and favorites. It has a good filtering system, though: you can select Pictures, Videos or both, and specify a particular niche/action you’d want to see. There is also a problem with streaming: while all content is conveniently downloadable (though without alternative formats or resolution), only a half of the clips is available for online streaming (see Streaming section). Also, there are color palette problems: red button labels are not clearly visible against the dark background. Another problem is scrolling through the scenes, listed vertically and having large covers.

- No personal info

Apparently there cannot be any model index on an amateur porn site, but it would be nice to get some information on the couple. However, you don’t get anything but their names. Diane and Maya do not share any personal information with the users, and it’s unlikely that you can contact them. It is common for personal porn sites to provide thorough biographies for its main performers, but Dirty Couple doesn’t do anything like that.

- No bonus content

Nothing at all. No bonus sites, no bonus scenes. Just a dummy Store section, where you will be able to buy some stockings / DVD from the couple in the near future, probably, and a plenty of ads in the More section.

Expectations vs Reality

You get a few promises on the landing page, like 168 scenes, 6599 hi-res pics, and 121 Full HD clips. Well, the amount of scenes is relatively accurate, though it seems to be less photos than they claim. The serious disappointment is the quality: if you have expected true Full HD videos, just give it up. The quality is poor just like on most amateur porn sites, and high resolution doesn’t change anything except it makes downloads take more time.


Prices are rather low: $19.95 for 30 days of access, $49.95 for 90, and, surprisingly, $99.95 for 120-day membership (shouldn’t it be cheaper than $19.95 x 4? Actually it’s almost 25% higher). Nothing much to say here: no pre-checked cross sales were detected (though it doesn’t mean that there are none), and no additional options are available. You can pay with your credit card, using Zombaio or CCBill.


Another amateur site. The verdict depends on whether you like the couple, or you don’t. The only reason to join is to become a follower of this particular couple, which I personally don’t find too attractive. Thus, it’s absolutely up to you. The details are in the review.


Site Facts


  • Average length:10
  • Number of movies: 120
  • Video formats:
    • MPEG, 9255 kb/s 720p
  • Full length videos:yes
  • Streaming:yes
  • HD video:yes


  • Pic sets: 125
  • Pics per set:25
  • Pics Resolution:1920x1080
  • High Res pictures:yes
  • Zip sets:yes


  • Model Index:no
  • Bonus Sites:no
  • Vid caps:no


  • Payment options:Credit Cards
  • Billing:CCBill, Zombaio
  • Prechecked sales:no

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