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Digital Covergirls porn review


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Review porn site: Digital Covergirls

I don't know if there will be too many men that will agree with me when I say that erotica is great but… Well, yeah, I really think that it is. Many think it's not exciting enough as opposed to hardcore porn, many think it lacks real action and stuff – but I really think that the beauty of the models that usually star for erotic resources and editions makes up for that.

The reason why I've started this review with that little intro is that today's site that we are going to scrutinize together is an erotic one – naked women posing, nothing bigger than that. It's also anything but usual. While other erotic sites stick to pro models and stuff, Digital Covergirls (quite an ambitious name, don't you find?) focuses on the tender beauty of amateurs – turning it into real works of art on skillfully taken photos. The ladies you will see here are not your usual dolled up Barbie-like bleached blond stars – they are regular girls you see in the street every day. Very beautiful regular girls though.

I wouldn't say that the team of models working for is really really huge at the moment. All in all, there are 25 girls here – all of them coming from Europe, as far as I understand. Eastern Europe, to be more precise. All of them are incredibly beautiful – beautiful in the utterly natural way, as I have already said. All of them are anything but too lazy – those 25 girls have already made as many as 92 scenes. The absolute champ so far is blond vixen Angelina – she has appeared in as many as 7 full- time shoots while the other girls have got from 1 to 5 of them. That's not by chance, for sure – when you hit the described website, make sure you check out her stuff cause she's just gorgeous.

I can't say if the site under review today is that much of an old site – I believe it is. In fact, the Updates section is the most disappointing one here. The point is that the episode that is claimed to be the latest at Digital Covergirls dates back to April 2008 quite obviously! Man, that sucks – it means that the collection of this resource will hardly ever get any bigger. That definitely does change the whole thing completely, don't you find?

Even though this source is so old, it earns the highest rating in Quality section with absolutely no sweat, word – what you can download from its pages are totally amazing 3000x2000Px pics. If I get everything right, there are no videos here, unfortunately. This is not too surprising though – as you probably know by now, the majority of erotic sites focus mostly on images. Still, I really think that a bunch of BTS movies or something of that kind wouldn't do any harm here. :)

There are hardly any specials here at this paysite – only a bunch of discount offers from several XXX sites. I wouldn't call any of them too cool – or even matching this resource in category. Three sites dedicated to BBW busties and one dedicated to extreme penetrations… Well, that's not what true admirers of erotica really enjoy, I guess.

What I can tell about this website in the end of this review is that their bark is way worse than their bite – if I can use this phrase here. I mean, from the outside this resource looks totally amazing and the promises that it makes are really able to seduce you and make you lose your head damn well. However, what you find inside is just an average-sized collection of photos – even though they are all very hot and just crystal-clear. the described website is a site with a rich individuality – but with not that much of a rich collection. Labeled "For real amateur erotica enthusiasts only".


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Screenshot #1 (2011-02-22)
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