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Defiled 18 porn review


Content Quality
18 / 20  
Amount of Content
4 / 20  
4 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
10 / 15  
15 / 15  
14 / 15  
Other Review Rating
7 / 10 (2 sites)



Review porn site: Defiled 18

Here is another one for all the people thinking that teen girls are cute, fresh, chaste and innocent. Defiled 18… Well, its stars might be fresh and innocent and all that stuff – but that’s only until the merciless masked brutes featured by this resource get down to torturing them. the described XXX website is a real BDSM site – here you will see them barely legal girls-next-door getting caged and bound, spanked and gagged, fucked in the ass and gagged with cocks and so and so on. One of the crazy scenes exposed on the free tour pages even shows one freshie getting her butthole fist-fucked until it gets protracted. Insane shit.

The incredibly nasty nature of the action supplied by this resource is contrasted by the amazing freshness and beauty of the models starring for the analyzed adult site. I know that most teen porn sites usually pass twenty-something-year-old babes for teens but… This one seems to be an exception from the rule. These submissive little hoochies might really be teenagers. The quality of the teasers they are exposed on also looks very promising – racing into the dirty dungeon of this resource’s Members area right now as it looks too attractive for me to resist it!

Well, I kind of expected it, I should say. the reviewed source is a real stunner, so seeing the fact that its collection is fairly limited in size, I’m anything but surprised. This is the way many super- hot top-notch resources are – the size of their collections usually leaves much to be desired, unfortunately. All in all, there are 10 scenes here at the moment and even though each and every of them is a real must-see… Well, I still don’t think I can call this resource a perfect combination of price and value.

Or can I? Feeling really down, I headed on into the Bonus Sites section of this resource and… Look what I found there! 11 exclusive hardcore teen porn sites plus some 30 more non-exclusive ones – that’s a lot of teen porn! Besides, I’m very glad to see that those sites are anything but softcore – even though they don’t quite match the described porn source in their extremeness, they still deserve being called hot enough. Anal sex with barely legal girls, six-on-one teen gangbangs, girl-on- male ass rimming… Hmm, that will blow your mind, buddy, I’m telling ya!

What also deserves your praise and attention is the quality of the content that this site supplies to its dearly beloved members. The pics here have the resolution of 1280x853Px, which is fairly fine and the videos… The videos are beyond fairly fine, that’s for sure – they are simply amazing! What makes me feel so overexcited about them is their frame size of 1920x1080Px and their bitrate of well over 7000Kbps. Possessing such characteristics, those vids look absolutely impeccable – this is exactly what deserves being called “crystal-clear”, word!

But back to this adult source now. Does this site itself deserve your attention after all? Does it have a decent future? Well, this is the question that I don’t think I can answer straight away. You see, it’s all about the updates – and I don’t know if the XXX website under analysis this time is getting updated at the moment or not. There are no dates of most recent releases, there are no new upcoming releases scheduled… Looks like things are either rather slow here or… Or they need to add the dates and terms. :)

So, this is it, I think. As I have already said, I was totally blown away by the content at – this shit is very, very hot and totally extreme. More extreme than what you expect from teen girls. Nevertheless, the size of this site’s archive is the main problem here. Only the bonuses might solve the situation – and it’s only as long as BDSM porn is not the only kink of yours.


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3 month: 59.97 $ (90 days non-recurring)

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