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Czech Streets Full review

About site

It is one of those porn sites that hook you from the very first seconds you spend on their pages and don’t let you go until you are completely drained. Sure enough, its name reflects it all – here you will see a shameless guy approaching girls in the street of Prague and other Czech cities and asking them what they think about stripping for money. He is offered to fuck off many times during the day but… Believe it or not, but a decent share of the hotties he tries to hook actually give in and not only strip in public places but also let him fuck them alfresco!

Free tour

The free tour is damn absorbing, just like I have already said it. The pics from the teaser scenes look fine and so do the videos. They are a bit blurred and the guy filming them jerks the cam a big too hard from time to time but… Would you be able to stand still when fucking some super-hot chick you’ve met mere minutes ago in a public place where you can busted any minute? Would you film this shit with a heavy-ass HD cam? Yeah, right, it is perfectly amateurish for me to believe that there really is no staging involved into its making, as its pages say.

Amount of Content

Czech Streets is clearly not the largest porn site out there but… With its 53 videos, I’d still say that it’s pretty good. I mean, come on, taking the hardships that its owner/cameraman goes through during his shoots into account, I’d say that 53 videos are actually quite a decent showing. It’s clear that the guy sticks with approaching only the hottest chicks – you’ll definitely be impressed when you see them. Some of them are barely legal, some are pretty ripe. But all of them are damn hot.

Content Quality

Just like the free tour pages presupposed, the quality of content is nowhere near perfect. But that’s due to the nature of the videos offered here – I’m definitely going to pardon the dude for supplying 720x576Px at 3120Kbps videos. This is actually more or less what you get at the majority of REAL amateur porn sites currently offered on the Net – especially those of them that supply homemade content.


I’m not sure if the update showings are correct here since even though I agree that the quality of content is quite alright here, I can’t help suspecting the reviewed porn resource of being a bit outdated almost unconsciously. Now let’s see this stuff up closer… The Czech street pussy hunter updates his resource once or twice a month, which is okay for such an extreme public sex video archive. Yeah, I shouldn’t bullshit about anything here after all, I reckon. The update dates most probably are true after all.


The bonuses are what’s definitely going to make your heart melt here. Backed up by 6 other sites featuring no one but naughty Czech amateurs, this resource ends up supplying you with 300+ movies, which is not that bad for the money charged. Czech girls going through porn auditions, swinging, getting gangbanged, hooking it up with each other in lesbian porn scenes – the diversity here is amazing. Plus, at least one of these six sites (namely, Czech Casting) gets updated daily, so you will never suffer from the lack of hot stuff to watch here.


All in all, I would probably characterize this site as an average one. I mean, on one hand, its collection of content is not that huge after all, its quality is amateurish and its updates are anything but too frequent. On the other hand, the action that it is dedicated to is incomparably hot – there aren’t too many sites that can offer you public sex flicks featuring real rookies, for sure. The cool-ass bonuses are not to be forgotten about as well. this XXX source is probably worth a try after all.


Pros and Cons


    + hot exclusive content
    + lots of bonuses


    - relatively low video quality
    - rare updates
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