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Cute Cristina porn review


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Review porn site: Cute Cristina

A charming blond teenager with a truly disarming smile, perfectly smooth skin, shapely legs, little booty… This is what Cute Cristina is – actually more than just that, I should admit. This blondie is like one of them dolls you see in TV series for schoolgirls – the only difference being the fact that here in her shows available on the pages of her personal porn site she comes doing the things that you can barely see on the telly in those goodie-goodie teen TV series. Things that are way too dirty to make it anywhere but to her unleashed XXX resource.

Yeah, that’s right, baby – charming and innocent-looking this porn website turns out to be a real sex freak. She says she’s been addicted to dick from her very first time with a boy and… Well, it shows. Even though far not all of the scenes that she has got advertised on her site’s front page are hardcore, the ones that do show her getting it on with hung boys are probably the most absorbing.

the analyzed site is not just a babyface girl – her whole body is as perfect as her cute little muzzle. Man, you just have to see that precious little pussy of hers getting stretched open with some lucky bastard’s cock. Or licked clean by some lucky girlie. Yeah, that’s right again – Cristina not only pleases boys in her hardcore shoots and lots of watchers worldwide in her solo scenes but also hooks it up with girls at the mere sight of an opportunity. She’s so damn pansexual.

Damn, looks like the teen bitchie’s bark is worse than her bite. I’m sorry if I sounded a bit offensive there – it’s just that I’m really, really, REALLY disappointed by the things that I see inside the Members area of the reviewed XXX website. This site looked so promising and look what it turned out to be offering you. 10 videos and exactly as many picture scenes. That’s one meager porn collection, without a doubt. If this doll is so much of a sex addict, why wouldn’t she shoot porn more often?

The Updates section looks promising here though. I’m not that much of an easy believer, unfortunately, and I won’t come yelling from glee upon that mentioning of the fact that there will be two more scenes added to the described porn paysite’s collection in a couple of days but… If that really happens, it’s gonna be cool. The only thing that makes me feel a little bit skeptical about this promise is that the whole of the porn network that this XXX site belongs to quotes exactly the same dates of upcoming updates. That’s suspicious, don’t you find?

Oh, you want to know more about that porn network thing that I mentioned above? Yeah, baby, get your cock ready – what didn’t manage to give to you will be given to you by 23 other porn sites, most of which are the solo resources of super-hot teenage babes too. Barely legal chicks from the US, from Latin America, from Europe… Damn, now I see that you won’t probably regret spending some of your money on the reviewed XXX source. The joint collection of teen porn stuff available here is too big to be true!

But now back to this source itself. Unfortunately, I have got another portion of bad news for you, my friend. I have just finished downloading some stuff from it – the “freshest” stuff as it was supposed to be and… Well, I was disappointed again. 640x360p videos with the bitrate of 1120Kbps, pics with fairly fine resolution of 1600x1000Px but not really clear – looks like the information about the updates at this one is total BS. Sorry.

I have written this very conclusion to quite some reviews of personal porn sites of particular models… Looks like most of them have got one mutual problem: their collections just ain’t shit! Fortunately, I can’t tell the same about those 23 bonus teen porn resources. They really rock – and they deserve being checked out!


memberzone screenshot 1 (2011-11-10)
picture sample 1 (2011-11-10)
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