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  • Content Quality
    20 / 20
  • Amount of Content
    15 / 20
  • Updates
    11 / 15
  • Site Design and navigation
    8 / 15
  • Originality
    13 / 15
  • Extras
    12 / 15


This porn site is meant to expose the bisexual domination, when some horny and tough guy comes in and fucks a couple. Wives eagerly participate in such kind of action, spreading their pussies and pushing their husbands’ heads to suck the cock just came out of their ass. It’s a Cuckold sub-niche, which belongs to BDSM niche, and also the site has a good portion of Bisexual action in the content.


All large scenes of Cum Eating Cuckolds fit the niche perfectly. Though not all of them really expose bisexual action, and sometimes the husband does not take part in sex, just sitting near and watching his wife getting screwed. Anyway, those who enjoy the humiliation of less lucky or tough men, stealing wives and such, shall find Cum Eating Cuckolds pretty entertaining.

Scene format

There is one special thing you have to know about Cum Eating Cuckolds. These guys split the full-length episodes into several scenes, with 2-3 short videos/photo sets (approximately 2-5 minutes each), introducing the couple (probably some solo masturbation or pussy spreading) and showing the development of the plot, and one large ~20 minute scene with bisexual / cuckold action. In main scenes they often show how cuckolds get forced to suck cock, eat pussy and humiliated in other ways. Many of these videos are interracial, featuring a black fucker.

+ Good amount of content

There are 546+ videos and 1014+ photo sets, exposed on Cum Eating Cuckolds. Though, the amount of large original episodes is smaller: approximately 300 videos of actual cuckolding / bisexual action. Others are just short videos, exposing some masturbation / chatter. Average length of cuckold scenes is around 20-25 minutes, while the shorter ones do not last longer than 5 minutes. Photo sets have at least 60 photos, and the average size is closer to 110 pictures per set.

+ Excellent content quality

Even if you’re used to FullHD videos, Cum Eating Cuckolds has something to impress you. Many recent videos are provided with the fair 4K version, with resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, 29 fps frame rate and 10934 kbps bitrate! Every video starting 2009 has a Full HD version and an HD version (HD’s are available since 2004). 4K and HD videos come as mp4’s, while 1080p videos are available both as mp4 and as wmv files. You can also stream videos online in HD quality. Photos are downloadable as 3000x2000 images in zip archives, or you can browse the 1500x1000 pixel versions online.

+ Daily updates

The porn site updates daily, and it’s either a new video, or a new photo set. Usually, they split the episode into 3-5 parts, and add them in turn, each part as a photo set one day, and as a video the next day. Thus, once episode can be added part by part for a whole week, so you’ll have to follow its plot. The main scene, with cuckolding and forced bisexual footage, is only uploaded once a week or so.

+ Good model profiles

Models, probably, is the most convenient way to sort out the mess of the scenes. Model index allows alphabetic filtering, and it’s not hard to find any girl you want using Search. Model profiles contain list of scenes for each model, and her stats / interesting facts, such as age, ethnicity, measurements / sexual preferences, hobbies and perverted dreams. You can comment and add model profiles to your favorites.

+ Some bonus scenes

As a bonus, members of Cum Eating Cuckolds get the latest 8 scenes (changing every day) from the Kick Ass network, including over 18 porn sites. You also get an annoying offer to join the network, every time you come to check the new bonus scenes. That’s not very impressive or large bonus, but still better than nothing: at least, you get some diversity every day.

- Many irrelevant scenes, cut from original episodes, used as separate updates

The main problem of Cum Eating Cuckolds is exaggerating the amount of scenes by splitting the episodes into several scenes, most of which are irrelevant to the site’s thematic. For example, you have one long cuckold episode, with several scenes, starting with introduction, when a girl says a few words, and exposes her holes, then goes the main cuckolding scene, and then another scene where the girl masturbates. It would be logical and fair to add these scenes as one update; however, Cum Eating Cuckolds chooses to add every scene as a separate update, filling the scene list with irrelevant masturbation / chatter scenes, while the number of original cuckolding scenes is approximately 3-4 times smaller than the total number of scenes.

- Primitive design, complicated navigation

There are no ads except for the main page, but you won’t navigate around the site easily. There are absolutely no sorting options and no filters or tags that you can apply to the scenes, which means you cannot separate short scenes from full-length scenes, get highest rated scenes or use any other form of choosing the required content. There is even no search on this site! You can comment the scenes though, rate them and add them to favorites, and also you can choose to show only videos / photos, by clicking on the black / grey header of any scene. In any case, navigation is a pain in the ass.

- Download limits & unreachable tech support

There is a 3GB download limit per day. Nothing much to say here, especially when you see that a good 4K scene is over 2GB in size. Some members complain about unreachable tech support and thus problems with cancellation, but we were unable to resolve this issue.

Expectations vs Reality

The information about daily download limits or their episode splitting policy is not provided clearly during the free tour, and that becomes a very serious disappointment. You also expect better navigation design from a paysite. However, the scenes are good and come in really high-quality videos / photos, which is delightful. Thus, the impression is mixed.


Monthly fee is equal to $29.95. Other plans include $49.95 for two months, $59.95 for three months, and $99.95 for 6 month, then rebilling every three months at $49.95. You can pay by credit card or check via CCBill or Epoch systems. Beware of the pre-checked cross sales! We have no information about discounts yet.


Strange policy regarding splitting one scene into many is not very inspiring. Problems with tech support is also an anxious sign. However, if you’re eager to get some ultra-quality cuckold content, it should not stop you. Cum Eating Cuckolds provides excellent bisexual / cuckold scenes in 4K videos and 6Mp photos, and is superior to most other sites in this niche.


Picture Samples


  • Monthly: 29,95 $ (30 days )
  • 2 month: 49.95 $ (60 days )
  • 3 month: 59.95 $ (90 days )
  • 6 month: 99.95 $ (180 days )

Prechecked sales:  yes

Site Facts

Average length:20
Number of movies: 546
Video formats:
  • MP4, 10934 kb/s 4k
Full length videos:yes
HD video:yes
Pic sets: 1014
Pics per set:110
Pics Resolution:3000x2000
High Res pictures:yes
Zip sets:yes
Model Index:yes
Bonus Sites:no (2 sites)
Vid caps:no
  • Number of movies: 34
  • Pic sets: 34

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