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Content Quality
12 / 20  
Amount of Content
12 / 20  
1 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
9 / 15  
15 / 15  
1 / 15  
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6 / 10 (4 sites)



Review porn site: Cosplay site

Tell me, homie, what do you think, what nation is the kinkiest on Earth? You think the Germans who might have invented porn are the kinkiest? Erm, nope. Or maybe the Americans who shoot so much adult stuff every single day deserve this title? Wrong again. What I myself think is as follows: the biggest kinks on planet Earth come from the Land of the Rising Sun – Japan. I have already seen so many totally insane Japanese porn sites with tons of shibari, bukkake and crazy gangbang scenes and it looks like tonight I will be focusing on a resource that covers a porn niche that is not any less exciting. Let's see what this tempting Cosplay Site is all about.

the reviewed website is different from the mainstream uniform porn resources, that is for sure – what you will see on its pages are not boring crowds of nurses, teachers and waitresses (even though they are also present at this site every here and there). The main focus here is on barely legal Japanese schoolgirls, space whores pleasuring weird aliens, poor little victims of underground creatures, maniacs and horny monsters… No, is not hentai – they shoot all this crazy shit for real! Can't wait to slide into the Members area and download something really hot for myself.

Okay, done with that… While a decent part of this porn resource's archive is being downloaded onto my hard drive (the scenes here are too hot for you to be able to choose some particular one – you will most probably end up downloading all of them at once), I will tell you about the variety of content one gets to enjoy on the pages of the restricted zone of this one. Well, I wouldn't say there are too many scenes – but I also can't accuse the reviewed source of not being big enough. All in all, there are around 130 full-time episodes presented to the members at the moment.

Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to tell you if you can expect the reviewed site's collection to keep on growing or not – I have got absolutely no idea about it, no matter how much I hate admitting it. There are simply no update dates stated neither on the front page nor inside the Members area. I almost feel the kinky Japanese owners of this resource smiling at me patiently from behind the pages while I'm fumbling around nervously. "Stupid paleface… He don't know anything about Japanese porn sites. He better shut up and enjoy what he have been given."

Okay, I shut up and enjoy it. Just as I have already said, the type of content supplied here is guaranteed to stun you with its perverted nature. Doggy girls being dominated by their owners, sweet geishas servicing well-hung samurai, students of a music school getting their instruments stuffed up their holes… This shit is crazy. As far as I understand, there are absolutely no bonuses here as well but I just don't care about it any longer – the paleface is already too stunned by the source under my scrutiny to look for imperfections on its pages.

Or isn't he? Okay, I'm very, very impressed by the exciting potential of the scenes that Cosplay Site teases you with but… I don't think the videos with the resolution of Px and the bitrate of Kbps are ones I will find truly enjoyable. No, man, this is where the owners of this resource obviously need to work a bit harder.

So, as you can see, the way I feel about the described porn paysite is anything but clear. On one hand, I'm totally stunned by the content of this resource – all those Oriental cuties in weird outfits getting fucked by men in even weirder clothes are just too hot to be true. On the other hand, does the described porn site really have anything else to offer you apart from its enormous exciting potential? Looks like it does not.


memberzone screenshot 1 (2011-07-08)
index of member zone (2011-07-08)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2011-07-08)
page 2 (2011-07-08)
memberzone screenshot 3 (2011-07-08)
page 3 (2011-07-08)
memberzone screenshot 4 (2011-07-08)
page 4 (2011-07-08)


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3 month: 59.95 $ (90 days recurring)

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