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Cosmid porn review


Content Quality
18 / 20  
Amount of Content
18 / 20  
15 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
15 / 15  
12 / 15  
5 / 15  
Other Review Rating
9 / 10 (7 sites)



Review porn site: Cosmid

You prefer amateur porn sites to those that feature professional models? I have to agree that in some cases I do too. You often get tired of all that glossy beauty, silicone-filled boobies and provocative makeup quitting it in favor of simpler, more natural looks. And the thing is that more and more men do it these days – the silicone pornstar frenzy seems to be nearing its end, my word. Need any proof? Well, the launching of such sites as Cosmid (I will be reviewing it today) can provide you with some of it easily, I guess.

What makes this site so different from the others are its models – the girls who are so amateur you can see it with the naked eye! None of them has ever done modeling – they are simple girls-next-door (and often moms-next-door) you can meet in the street of your city every other day. Here they get filmed by professional photographers and cameramen – nudity not even being necessary! Most get topless, a few get completely naked and some even keep their underwear or sexy tight clothes on throughout the shoot! Think that's not hot enough? Man, you haven't seen the rookies featured here. ;) When you decide to check this paysite out, take a look at Tasha Cole, for instance – this busty 23-year-old honey didn't even take her fitness outfit off in the course of her shoot but she looked so hot she got me hard in a blink of an eye! And this is actually exactly what the whole of this site is about! Amateur babes that look appealing and provocatively sexy enough to make you cum even when they are still dressed... Unusual, eh?

Alright, I feel like I could spend tons of time simply describing the specialties of the analyzed site but, you know, I'm pretty limited in terms of review length, so I guess I'd better get down to reviewing its contents actually. :) So, at the moment this site can offer you 586 photo scenes and 374 movies. What? Is that for real? Yes, I know that it's hard to believe your eyes when you see so many super-raunchy rookies gathered in one and the same place but... That's what the described website is all about!

I was so stunned by the crystal-clear quality of the content supplied here that I started thinking was a brand-new resource. Sure, the huge choice of scenes was something that actually puzzled me a lot here, so I did go to the very end of the updating schedule and saw that this site was actually launched back in 2006 – and updated every goddamn day since then! Hmm, they really seem to know what proper development is all about, right? I don't know how come they manage to find enough models for all those countless scenes but... That's just another thing this resource can be praised for, after all.

And what was that about the quality? Well, the quality of both the pics and the videos here is simply blameless – even though the actual numeric showings here are not sky-high. 1600x1000Px photos and 1280x720Px at 2390Kbps videos... You say this is not the best stuff you have had the chance to enjoy? Well, you just haven't seen it with your own eyes yet.

Any bonuses here? Hey, you are cheeky enough to ask for bonuses even though the original collection of this source is so huge? Well, I will have to bring you down then – there aren't many of them. The opportunity to request some special kind of shoots and a site's blog containing quite a lot of interesting info... This is what you will have to content yourself with, basically.

Anyway, screw the stuff I wrote in the previous paragraph – I still think that the reviewed website is a must-see resource. Yeah, many will think it is too softcore and too artful even in spite of its amateurishness – but it's so unusual! Isn't it what you often look for in adult sites after all? ;)


memberzone screenshot 1 (2010-11-01)
Screenshot #1 (2010-11-01)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2010-11-01)
Screenshot #2 (2010-11-01)


Monthly: 20 $ (30 days non-recurring)
6 Month: 60 $ (180 days non-recurring)

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