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Club McKenzie Lee porn review


Content Quality
14 / 20  
Amount of Content
8 / 20  
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Site Design and navigation
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Review porn site: Club McKenzie Lee

McKenzie Lee is not just some rookie that needs to pay for college and, therefore, decided to start her own porn site – this dark-haired temptress with absolutely impeccable body is a professional porn star with all the assets needed for this job. She's hot, she's loose, she's skilled in the arts of sex – and tonight she will give you the chance to taste all of those positive features of hers on the pages of Club McKenzie Lee – her personal porn site that I will be reviewing tonight.

Even though I believe that the irresistible star of this porn site has already retired from the porn scene, she's still got enough stuff to show ya on the pages of her resource. Those scenes coming from late 1990's – early 2000's are all simply shining with class and hardcore spirit. What you will see on them is Miss Lee getting shagged by studly men, getting spanked by fetish mistresses and eaten out by horny lesbians… The range of this kitty's sexual preferences seems to be an incredibly long one – let's give it a closer examination inside the Members area of this one.

The situation with the updates at seems to be fairly grave. Before July 2010 the updates used to be biweekly here but they are not any longer. July 2010 has gone without any updates and I'm starting to suspect that the same is going to happen in August, September, October and so and so on. This is no surprise actually – since McKenzie is no longer starring in porn, the number of scenes featuring her will never grow any bigger. I wonder how come the owners of this resource managed to keep the updating process on for so long!

The amount of content? This is where you will find something even more disappointing. Take the Videos section, for instance – what is currently there are as few as 7 movies! Hmm, was McKenzie so lazy back in the day or is it because the owners of this site are still hiding something from us? That's a good question actually. With pics the situation is already better yet still not perfect, that's for sure. There are 64 galleries all in all but only 50 of them feature McKenzie herself while the others depict other porn stars on glam pics from AVN Awards ceremony. What the fuck are they doing here? That's another good question, I suppose.

The not-so-high quality of content here is no surprise actually – after all, the content of the reviewed adult resource is anything but fresh. Pics with the resolution of 1024x682Px, 640x480Px at 1500Kbps videos… All this is not that bad – but it won't give you that feeling of closeness and naturalness that HD porn sites of today can give you. Will you regard it as a major obstacle or not? It's up to you to decide.

Okay, now let's quit on this site that didn't really manage to impress me a lot and switch on to something that comes in pack with it – the bonuses. This is where things get better already – this is where things get just stunning, in fact! 16 more personal sites of raunchy porn stars from the past, most considerably bigger than that of McKenzie Lee, a bunch of niched streamline video feeds, 8 sites from Playboy and 36 sites from Reality gang… I know that it will be damn hard to believe in it but it is true: you will get full access to all this stuff simply by signing up to the paysite under review today. That made this resource a much more tempting destination all of a sudden, right? :) Hmm, you should think about it a little more, really – maybe it's worth your precious attention after all, what do you say? Talking for myself, I'd say that this network simply stunned me! Left me breathless and spermless, you know. :)


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Screenshot #1 (2010-09-23)
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Screenshot #2 (2010-09-23)


Monthly: 29.86 $ (30 days non-recurring)
3 Month: 62.94 $ (90 days non-recurring)
1 Year: 95.88 $ (365 days non-recurring)