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Club Jesse Capelli porn review


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Review porn site: Club Jesse Capelli

One of prominent porn superstars of the past, gorgeous Jesse Capelli whose personal site titled Club Jesse Capelli we will be reviewing tonight, is a typical babe from the 1990's – so curvaceous and provocative that you will easily get horny simply by looking at her while she's still dressed. Nevertheless, she brags certain individuality too – the kind of individuality that can easily be seen in everything that she shows to you. Her looks, her behavior, her sexual side – all this is something that will engrave into your memory for a really long time, no doubt.

What you can see on the front page of the described resource is a selection of hot sex scenes featuring this luscious model. What's so special about them is the fact that all of them show Jesse playing with other girls. Does it mean that her site is fully dedicated to lesbian porn? Hmm, I went through the whole of the free tour (it was rather short though) and I still didn't find any girl-on-man stuff. I guess that the best decision will be to come into the Members area of this adult site and look for those straight hardcore sex scenes inside. Ready to follow me?

Hey, hope you didn't find the quality of the pics and videos exposed on the outside of this site, just like its design, too distressing. You see, Jesse Capelli is a porn star that used to be most famous in 1990's, which is exactly when her career was at the stage of blossoming. Thus, this porn paysite will supply you with content that I can't call really vintage but… That's pretty close to it. 1024x682Px pics, videos with the bitrate of 1500Kbps and the frame size of 640x480Px. Well, if you know who Jesse Capelli is, you were probably ready to see such stuff here, right?

The situation with the updates at this adult website is rather strange, I should say. The development of this resource seemed to have stopped in September 2009, which was followed by a long long 10-month period without any updates. That grave tendency was broken in July 2010 when another one of Jesse's scenes was published inside the Members area of this one. Does it mean that from now on the adult site under analysis this time will start growing larger again? Um, no, I still don't think so.

I should say that it would be so great to see it growing though – what this resource has got to offer to you at the moment are measly 14 videos and 60 photo scenes, about a dozen of the latter not even featuring Jesse herself but showing her starry kitty friends having fun at AVN Awards ceremony. This is fun and sexy, no doubt – but I'd still like to see more… And yeah, by the way, there are some straight hardcore scenes inside this adult source – at least one of them.

So, everything of the abovementioned doesn't look too promising, right? Well, rejoice then cause this is still not the end! the analyzed XXX paysite turns out to be a part of Club Jenna – a network of 17 sites dedicated to different porn models from the past, mostly from late 1990's to early 2000's. You will have your free access to each and every of them – together with something even larger and even hotter, baby! There will be 36 more sites from Reality gang and, which is even better, 8 more sites from Playboy – each throwing the doors of its Members area wide open for you without any additional charges! Man, this is something…

So, did manage to stun me? Not really, unfortunately. But do I recommend you to visit it? Fuck yeah – just take a look at the bonus network here! You might be a fan of 90's girls, you might like Playboy playmates or plain mainstream hardcore fucking – this site's network will give you all you need!


memberzone screenshot 1 (2010-09-20)
Screenshot #1 (2010-09-20)
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Screenshot #2 (2010-09-20)


Monthly: 29.86 $ (30 days non-recurring)
3 Month: 62.94 $ (90 days non-recurring)
1 Year: 95.88 $ (365 days non-recurring)