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Content Quality
15 / 20
Amount of Content
8 / 20
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Site Design and navigation
6 / 15
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About site

Having earned the right to appear on the pages of Penthouse in 2006, Charlie Laine is still more than just proud of it these days, as far as I can see from what is exposed at her site. Its name is Club Charlie and I’m here to review it tonight – to see if it really is as exciting and as interactive as its main star claims it to be. It’s said to be full of solo and lesbian sex pictures and videos of Charlie and, needless to say, I just can’t wait to enjoy them!

Free tour

Speaking honestly, I was a little bit surprised when I saw the free tour pages of this site for the first time. I mean, come on, it’s not 2006 anymore, is it? The free tour pages of this resource are so narrow it looks like it was made back in early 2000s to match the tiny PC screens that used to be there at that time. Frankly, I’m starting to doubt that this site is up to date and as much fun as it says it is. But the heck with them expectations – nothing works better than a personal visit into the Members area, you know. ;)

Amount of Content

Wow, what really rocks here is the size of the available content collection – looks like Charlie really has a lot to offer and wasn’t wasting too much time over the past years. 226 photo galleries and 69 videos… That’s quite some stuff! In fact, technically, there are even more video galleries available here but the thing is that many of them are copies of the same videos available in higher and lower quality resolutions. Thus, I had to count them up once again my way – just in order to make the result more honest.

Content Quality

Those few scenes that this site has got offered in HD are definitely going to impress you – the videos comprising them have the frame size of 1280x720Px and the bitrate of 6291Kbps. However, those that have lower frame size (700x396Px) and bitrate (1690Kbps) still prevail here, so I think it will be more honest to put them into the final quality quote. The 2000x1328Px pictures sort of make up for the low-quality videos though. Scrutinizing Charlie’s body on them was such a pleasure.


I have absolutely no idea how often this site gets updated – but my intuition tells me that it’s not often. I’d even say it’s not getting updated at all. See, the dates when the scenes got published don’t state the year of the release and… Judging by the fact that the freshest pic scene was released in July, the freshest video – in October, and that it is August now, I’d conclude that even if the updates are there, they are anything but regular and frequent. Plus, the latest blog post by Charlie dates back to 2009, which is also even more than just alarming.


The bonuses are here, however, and they are very tempting. The most impressing extra is the selection of bonus sites that will open their otherwise members-only collections to you for free if you join There are 15 other personal porn sites by different sexy models (mostly outdated) and two more that seem to focus on a little bit of everything. The first is about solo and hardcore porn feats of sexy young amateurs, the second tells the same story about ex-glamour models. They offer thousands of scenes and surely are interesting enough.


There isn’t much to say about the design and the navigation at this site – simply because there isn’t much design or navigation offered here. What I was really pissed off by is the fact that Charlie’s fairly nice-sized content collection can’t be navigated by any other means than clicking through scenes. Search, filtering, surfing by rating… Gimme a break. Here it’s as laconic as it could have been – and it’s not always convenient.


I told that this site looked old and a little dull right in the beginning of this review and my impression about it didn’t change much, honestly speaking. It’s seriously outdated, without a doubt, the quality of its videos really leaves much to be desired and even though the pics make up for it at least partially, I’d still say it’s far from perfection. Charlie Laine herself is perfect – but her site is not.


Amount of Content

Girls out West just keeps on getting better and better with every new day – the daily updates are still in place here and that’s exactly what accounts for the super-rapid growth of its collection of amateur porn. Right now there are 3258+ movies and 2440+ photo scenes, which proves that Annie is mostly into shooting stills but… I don’t care much as I’m just blown away by this resource, no exaggeration involved.

Picture Samples

    Monthly: 29.95 $ (30 days recurring)
    3 month: 59.95 $ (90 days recurring)
    6 month: 99.95 $ (180 days non-recurring)

    Payment options:  By Phone, Credit Cards, Online Check
    Billing:  CCBill, Epoch, GXBilling, Net227 Inc.

    Site Facts

    Average length:12min
    Number of movies: 69
    Video formats:
    • WMV, 1690 kb/s 700x396
    Full length videos:yes
    HD video:yes
    Pic sets: 226
    Pics per set:90
    Pics Resolution:2000x1328
    High Res pictures:yes
    Zip sets:yes
    Model Index:no
    Bonus Sites:yes (2 sites)
    Vid caps:no
    Live chat:no
    Message board:yes
  • 3 month: 58.95 $ (90 days recurring)
  • Monthly: 24.95 $ (30 days recurring)
  • Trial: 1 $ (1 day recurring)
Site Facts

Pros and Cons

+ hot model
+ decent photo quality
+ large content collection
+ loads of free bonuses
- poor video quality in most scenes
- no updates
- poor design and navigation

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