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Club Brittany porn review


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Review porn site: Club Brittany

Oh damn, I love all those porn babes from late nineties and the beginning of the 21st century so much, no shit. Blond hair, huge boobs, often filled with silicon, full lips that seem to be made for sucking dick – this is what truly flashy sex appeal is all about. When you look at a bitch like that, you don't think that she's beautiful – you understand that you want to fuck her right on the spot with no delays! Brittany Andrews is a perfect example of this kind of bitch – and that's why I'm really glad to be reviewing her personal porn site called Club Brittany tonight.

What can I tell about the outside of this resource? Well, it's designed pretty well and the promises that Ms. Andrews makes on its pages sound very tempting but, you know, as this babe's porn career is over now, it would be stupid to expect to see some HD stuff at her source's pages. The trailers don't look qualitative enough, that's for sure. Anyway, it's much better than all that vintage stuff that so many people are totally crazy about – so why not give it a try after all? Let's move right on into the Members area.

Having reviewed a couple of sites affiliated with the adult site under analysis this time, I understood that expecting their collections to be packed with videos wouldn't be that much of a good idea, in fact. Looks like back in the day photo content used to be much more popular among porn lovers. This site is not an exception too – inside its Members area there will be as few as 4 movies for you to enjoy. Not that much, right? Well, don't worry – the Photos section will make up for it with no sweat, I guess. There are 60 galleries there – most dedicated to Brittany herself with only a bunch featuring other girls. The latter kind of pics is mostly backstage stuff from AVN Awards, which looks really cool.

The updates? Well, I know that it will be damn hard to believe in it, but the updates really are there! Every 10 to 12 days there will be a new scene published inside the Members area of the reviewed porn site – looking damn hot, as usual. Sure, it doesn't mean that all those scenes are brand-new ones as Brittany has finished her career quite some time ago, as far as I know – but they are still there and it means that this blond busty left quite a legacy after herself.

I have already said that it would be weird to expect to find super-HD stuff inside this website and I'm ready to say it again. The pics supplied here range from 600x400Px ones to 900x675Px ones and the videos come in the frame size of 640x480Px and the bitrate of 1500Kbps. Of course, this kind of stuff is not going to please the eye the way up-to-date porn does – but it's still watchable, I'd say.

Alright, here comes my favorite part – the description of the bonuses! Being a part of the Club Jenna network, can also offer you the personal sites of 17 other hot porn stars from the past, plus a bunch of niched XXX video feeds. And that's not all yet! When you end up inside the Members area of this one, don't miss your chance to see what awaits you behind the link saying "Return to the Gateway". 8 sites from Playboy almighty plus 37 resources from Reality gang – boy, I'm sure that you are going to like that stuff to the bottom of your heart as well as to the bottom of your drained balls! Hey, and don't forget that each and every of those 17+8+37 bonus resources mentioned above is a 100% exclusive one!

So, even if you are not that much of a Brittany Andrews fan to pay for her stuff only, you will still find her site enjoyable, that's for sure – all due to those mind-blowing bonuses! I loved them – and I bet that you will love them too!


memberzone screenshot 1 (2010-09-01)
Screenshot #1 (2010-09-01)
memberzone screenshot 2 (2010-09-01)
Screenshot #2 (2010-09-01)


Trial: 1 $ (1 days non-recurring)
Monthly: 29.86 $ (30 days non-recurring)
3 Month: 62.94 $ (90 days non-recurring)
1 Year: 95.88 $ (365 days non-recurring)