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Clean My Ass porn review


Content Quality
18 / 20  
Amount of Content
4 / 20  
4 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
10 / 15  
13 / 15  
14 / 15  
Other Review Rating
7 / 10 (5 sites)



Review porn site: Clean My Ass

Clean My Ass is a rather rare teen porn site that I’m sure far not everyone will like – but there will be no one who will say that it’s not extreme or exciting enough, for sure. Hey, don’t turn away after seeing the misleading header of this resource’s main page – the reviewed adult source ain’t got nothing to do with scat or other kinky shit. It focuses on girl-on-guy ass rimming – it’s just that the guy exposed on that pic decided it would be funny to smear his crack with chocolate before allowing his girlfriend to toss the salad. Nothing too dirty here.

Okay, so it’s male ass rimming… But it’s not only male ass rimming, it should be said – the adult paysite under review today combines rusty trombone treatments with hardcore ass fucking in every single scene, as far as I see. No, don’t you worry for the guys’ asses – no homo shit here. It’s just that these studs never miss the chance to put it on their girlfriends’ cracks as soon as the oral preludes are over. Hmm, I’m enjoying this stuff more and more! :)

The only thing that brings me down here so far is the fact that the described adult website looks fairly outdated. No, I haven’t been inside its Members area yet but… I recognized one of the guys on the free tour pages. He is one of the most famous young Euro porn stars of today and he’s been shaving his head clean for fuck knows how long already while here… Here he is sporting a nice messy mane of hair looking like a real Afro! :) Funny shit. Hope that it’s a wig.

No, apparently, it is not. I can’t tell anything for sure cause the dates of updates are simply not stated inside the Members area of this one but… It is exactly what looks the most suspicious, I must say. Why would the owners of a site that gets updated really often hide the info about the updates? That’s senseless – and that’s exactly what points at the fact that this XXX source is not up to date just super-vividly. It certainly does add to my disappointment cause this resource sports a very limited content collection – there are as few as 15 scenes here. What a pity again.

And just look at that! Here comes another proof of the fact that is anything but brand-new and up to date. I have just downloaded a video and a couple of pics off this site (the ones that were claimed to be the freshest, needless to say) and… Ta-da! The video had the frame size of 720x576Px and the bitrate of around 2200Kbps. Some would say it’s not too bad while I would say it is. It is the era of HD video now – no one will ever survive in the highly competitive porn biz offering videos that are so far away from the HD perfection! The 1280x850Px pics are better though – but I still won’t call them perfect.

But here comes the eye candy that will sweeten the disappointment up significantly. The Bonus Sites section! Let’s forget about kinky ass rimming and switch full on to teen anal porn! You will get it by the ton here at this porn website – 10 out of 40 bonus sites that it gives you free access to are dedicated to teens that don’t mind chocolate cha cha. At least from time to time. This is a true ass-fucking paradise for all the people in love with young babes! Most of those bonus sites are bigger than this XXX site, by the way – and the quality of content they supply is higher.

So, what can I say about this site in the end of this review? It turned out to be better than I thought it would be, for sure. However, it’s mostly due to the bonuses that it throws in together with its own collection – those freebies are really mind-blowing. Without them this site definitely wouldn’t be too much of a must-see.


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Monthly: 29.97 $ (30 days recurring)
3 month: 59.97 $ (90 days non-recurring)

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