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Chloe Lovette porn review


Content Quality
18 / 20  
Amount of Content
8 / 20  
9 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
14 / 15  
10 / 15  
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Other Review Rating
7 / 10 (9 sites)


Very Good

Review porn site: Chloe Lovette

Would I call Chloe Lovette beautiful? Hmm, I guess I would not. And still, “beautiful” doesn’t necessarily come together with “sexy” as you know – and Chloe is a damn vivid proof of that fact. This girl is not the type you will see participating in beauty pageants but her sexy tight body and her eagerness in XXX shoots will definitely make your mouth water. Today we will be reviewing her personal porn site – let’s go ahead and see if Chloe is good enough to make us get it off as least as good as other solo teen porn site owners do. has got a body that is rather different from those of most typical teenage porn models. This raunchy brunette is not petite. In fact, I’d even call her ass a biggish one. On the other hand, she’s got a nice set of pert little titties and a mouthwatering pussy with big lips… You know, she is curvaceous – and still she is tight enough to impress all teeny porn lovers out there.

Talking about the activities that this XXX resource engages in on the pages of her site, I would notice that she doesn’t do anything particularly nasty there. She strips, she teases, she masturbates with all kinds of sex toys including really big ones – but she doesn’t do any straight or lesbian hardcore shoots, as far as I see. But let’s have a look into the Members area – maybe it will prove me wrong, who knows.

the analyzed porn website’s personal porn site is not the most regularly updated one out there, that is for sure. Well, it has been getting updated daily with multiple scenes being added into its Members area for the past couple of days – but the point is that it was preceded by two months without any updates. This makes me conclude that such gaps are possible in future as well. Not the type of situation you would like to get into at the porn site you signed up to, right?

Taking that stuff with the updates into account, I bet you will be rather disappointed when you hear how small the collection of the resource under my scrutiny’s XXX resource is at the moment. There are as few as 27 pic galleries and about as many videos. Hmm, that is definitely not enough – and if the updating stops here, will this site be of any value at all? Well, the answer would be positive only in one case: if you were totally in love with Chloe. She’s not super-beautiful though, so I guess most of you would say no. Okay, no hard feelings! That’s what I would say myself.

The quality of content? It’s very decent here, no reason to deny it. The videos boast of impressing (though rather unusual) frame size of 1440x1080Px and really high bitrate of 7000Kbps, the pics are pretty clear in spite of sporting rather average resolution of 1200x800Px… That’s not the type of stuff you would be disappointed with, for sure.

If you sign up for this XXX source’s site only and turn that network membership offer awaiting you on the Join page down, you will barely get any extras for your money. There will be, like, 50 pic sets from guest models and that would be it. However, if you can afford paying some $10/month more, you will get free access to 6 other teen porn sites (boasting of much larger collections and much hotter models) along with 16 more “micro” sites, each dedicated to some particular teen babe. That’d save you from the gruesome process of waiting for updates that might never ever arrive.

This is where this review will end up, I believe. I myself wouldn’t recommend you to sign up to the reviewed XXX paysite’s site cause it’s not that much of a must-see – at least, not yet. However, the situation might change with time, who knows. Let’s keep an eye on it.


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Monthly: 34.05 $ (30 days recurring)

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