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CFNM net site blocked Review date: 2012-05-26
  • Monthly: 39.95 $ (30 days recurring)
  • We recommend do not register at CFNM net because it is not safe for you

    About site

    There’s always a decent portion of femdom action in every CFNM scene but… is obviously not one that’s gonna go for simply “decent”. It kicks femdom up to a whole new level in CFNM porn as on its pages you get to see something way more painful and humiliating than a couple of rough handjobs given to naked men by clothed ladies. You will see them nude fuckers getting spanked, humiliated, made to run kinky errands, trampled, trained and… Fucked in the ass too! From fingers to large dildos and strap-ons – the stars of this site use it all!

    Free tour

    The free tour of this resource is clearly absorbing – even though its factual characteristics leave much to be desired. For instance, I don’t quite like the layout here. The quality of those trailers obviously sucks too. Yeah, I do understand it but my subconscious side takes over and I realize I have already spent a very long period of time scrolling through the front page of this site. Fuck yeah, it is a long one, which looks very suggestive. There might really be a whole lot of CFNM porn scenes to choose from!

    Amount of Content

    When it comes to exploring the content collection of this resource, there’s only one thing that I feel I should warn you about. Get ready, homie, it ain’t gonna be easy. But let me leave my perception of this site’s interface for the corresponding paragraph of the review and come up with the count of scenes that you will be able to lay your hands on there. It’s very tricky, in fact. The point is that this site offers only several dozens of videos (the rest are available through pay-per-view engine) while most of its scenes (281, if I’m not mistaken) are available as pic galleries. Well, that is a bit disappointing. However, one should remember that those pic galleries represent whole graphic stories, each split into several full-time episodes and supplied with awesome descriptions. They are enjoyable, no doubt.

    Content Quality

    The quality of content? Well, I’d say it’s not that cool here. Photo stories actually turn out to be made up of screencaps from the videos – the fucking irony of it all! The best of them reach 1100x619Px in resolution while the few videos that the site offers without any additional charges are available in the quality of 960x540Px at 2960Kbps. And that’s the maximum showing as well.


    The updates at this resource are published once in every three to six days – according to the owners’ mood, apparently. In the majority of the cases, as you might have expected, you will be getting photo stories – full or split into chunks. However, to be honest, I also noticed that the percentage of movies is growing larger and larger in the most recent updates. Does it mean that the whole thing is changing for the better? Really hope so!


    The bonuses? As far as I understand, there is only one real extra that you will get for free. It is this resource’s forum. However, just like it usually happens, it’s a pretty quiet one. There aren’t too many people who talk about their fetishes openly, so… If you see a couple of new threads/ messages in there during a week, you can count yourself lucky.


    Okay, now on to the thing that I liked the least at this resource – the interface! It was bad on the free tour pages and on the inside it is even worse! It’s so unclear and so messed up there that you barely understand where to click in order to get pics or videos. It took me nearly 30 minutes to finally understand how to count the scenes that site offers and I’m still not sure if I counted them right. Besides, those flashy gay porn banners all over the place… Not sure if all members of this resource will like them.


    It’s clear that site is a totally sizzling hot resource that has got its own type of content to offer – the type that is so unlike everything else. Each of its scenes, should it be a photo or a video one, is a must-see. If you like it when CFNM is spiced up with a generous pinch of femdom, you will love it here. However, there are some disadvantages of this site as well and I can’t avoid mentioning them. First of all, I don’t like the fact that there are so few videos – and that you have to pay extra for the rest. Besides, the quality of all this stuff is not so high and the site’s interface is simply terrible… Right, I guess its score will be sort of average.