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Celebrities on Net porn review


Content Amount
17 / 20  
Content Quality
14 / 20  
11 / 15  
Price vs. Content
12 / 15  
Site Design
10 / 15  
10 / 15  
Other Review Rating
6 / 10 (1 sites)


Very Good

Review porn site: Celebrities on Net

Celebrities on Net has put together a great tour. At first glance it looks a little busy but if you look closely you’ll see that they haven’t wasted any space and that there isn’t an image out of place. They also offer a free video of the hot threesome scene from the Denise Richards movie Wild Things, so you really ought to visit just to see that. I mean, really, two hot chicks kissing and naked tits and champagne being poured on those tits? Could the celebrity sex be any better?

The risk of doing such an over the top, sexy tour is that you’ll get in the member’s area and be a little disappointed at how bland it is. That’s the case with celebrities-on-net.net but it’s not that big a deal. What’s important is that it’s easy to find the porn you’re looking for and they make that very simple by giving you an A-Z list of nude celebrities to browse through and an advanced search feature that allows you to narrow down the content you’d like to see. The main page highlights the most popular celebrities and the most recent updates. It appears that new content is added every 2-3 days.

The search function is pretty cool and it allows you to determine what kind of content you’re looking for if you don’t know the nude celebrities’ name. You can narrow it down by occupation, by date of birth and by what kind of content you’d like to see. Examples of content types include nude, bikini, glamour, hardcore, paparazzo, screenshot, topless and lesbian. The search results are generally strong and when I ran out of familiar names to search for it was a great resource.

There are a fair number of celebrity sex sites out there that do screenshots and videos from movies. That’s the bread and butter of the industry but it also means that it’s pretty hard to differentiate if you’re trying to launch a new site. However, the adult website under analysis this time is able to do so because they go beyond movies and television. They delve into media, grabbing pictures from magazines and public appearances. They even have fake nude celebs if you want to indulge in fantasy. The best fakes actually look pretty real so you don’t even need to be fantasizing all that much.

They present the content smartly, separating the types for each nude celeb. There’s a profile and biography at the top of her page and below that you’ll find the content. The videos are up first and they’re all downloadable, although in some cases the quality is miserable. For some of the girls their work has yet to hit DVD and they’ve admirably tried to pull a clip from a VHS tape. That’s always a bad idea though. It looks miserable. On the other hand, if the movie has been released on DVD then you’ll find celebrity sex videos at 640×480.

One of the most famous nude celebrities of all time is Alyssa Milano, and I think she’s a good example to use as to why celebrity sex and nude celebs are somehow hotter than watching a porn star fuck. Alyssa was on the Who’s the Boss as this innocent teen babe and we got to know her as that. Then she did a few super naughty movies where she was making out with chicks and hooking up with vampires and all of a sudden she turned into this super sexy, naughty slut. The videos of her from the vampire movie are stunningly sexy and I recommend you download them as soon as is humanly possible. They will be the beginning of a beautiful journey through celebrity sex and nudity.


Monthly: 29.95 $ (30 days )
Trial: 9.95 $ (3 days )
3 month: 59.95 $ (90 days )

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