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Back to reviewing teen porn sites... Hell yeah, it feels good! :) When I first saw the stuff that the site under review was dedicated to, I couldn’t hide my excitement. You know, I got kinda tired of all the rare and exquisite XXX stuff I’ve been focused on lately, so I’m really glad to hit a site fully dedicated to real young babes. Posing naked, handling cocks, playing with themselves – these cuties do everything you might wanna see them doing. ;) Hey and another good thing is that this site is all about real barely legal teens that always look so fuckin’ innocent – even when getting shagged raw. There are no provocative American-style teens that often look as used as milfs – Candies Club is all about fresh and natural Eastern European freshies.

Amount of Content

Hmm, alright. Looks like it wasn’t by chance that the front page of was just stacked with the promises mentioning tons of bonus content. The main problem here is that the own collection of this resource is just tiny! Feel free to call me a lamer but I couldn’t even find the section containing videos here inside this resource! So, let’s assume that the XXX site under review today is here with pics only. The collection of photos here is just laughable. 60 galleries, none of which is a full-size one (as far as I understand, full scenes are usually split into two parts here). Man, that’s just not enough, no matter what angle you look at it from!


Guess that there’s no need to say anything about the updates as well, right? this site looks fairly shabby and outdated and this impression of mine is only intensified by the lack of the dates when this or that scene was added into the site’s archive. The same applies to the quality of pics too – even though they reach 1200x800Px in size, they are never clear enough. However, rules are rules – so don’t be surprised when you see pretty high rating in the Content Quality section here. But keep the fact that everything’s not actually as good as it might seem to be in mind, alright?


Okay, done with this dull site itself. Now let’s switch on to its bonuses finally. There are 13 of them and, as far as I see, they are all dedicated to the sexual adventures of barely legal girls. However, the system of access to them is pretty tricky here – the point is that at first you will be able to enjoy only 9 of them. What about the other 4? Well, the longer you stay a member if the reviewed porn website, the more freebies you get. Man, this site itself would never be worth it but its bonuses... Hmm, that looks much more interesting already. :) So, in the end of the day, are those bonus sites themselves better than this adult paysite? Hell yeah, they are. Some of them are better, some of them are way better, some of them are completely blameless (as you can understand, the latter kind are the ones that you will have to wait or the longest) – but all of them are definitely better than this porn source itself.


So, alright, the cast here is awesome, as far as I see – as well as the promises made by the ton on the front page of this porn site. But what the fuck is wrong with the design here? This site looks totally ancient! You know, swimming around in the ocean of HD porn of today, I would never even stop by this site but... Well, whatever. Reviewing it is my tonight’s project, so here I go right into its Members area.


Damn, how much I hate reviewing this kind of sites – not even because they suck or something but... How can I rate it? Can I even perceive this website as a separate porn site? That’s one hell of a good question. Anyway, the conclusion of this review will be rather vague, as usual – if you are after this adult site itself, better forget about it while its network... Its network rocks!

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