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Bun Beating Fun site blocked Review date: 2011-12-20
Monthly: 33.16 $ (30 days )
3 month: 67.53 $ (90 days )

We recommend do not register at Bun Beating Fun because it is not safe for you

Damn, I’m puzzled… You know, when I write my reviews, it usually takes me no more than a quick glance through the reviewed site’s free tour pages to start writing and describing what I feel about it. Here it is a completely different case. A quick glance at Bun Beating Fun made me crinkle my nose and bullshit about ‘another boring ass outdated porn site on my list’. However, that was just the first impression – soon everything changed.

Everything changed when I got to that Mission Statement section of this porn site (yeah, this shabby ugly little site has got its own mission statement, no BS). That was when I got totally absorbed by the things written there and even sort of carried away by them. The owner of the site writes about the spankings he administers to lewd chicks on the pages of the XXX source under my scrutiny with so much passion and love that… I feel I just can’t keep my cock from growing hard! Now I see that this dude is a real pro at what he is doing – what he said about the way he feels about bare ass OTK spanking and all the truth he spilled about various ass spanking techniques made me understand it perfectly clearly. But the heck with it. Looks like I have to break the spell and head on into the Members area. Let’s do it right now!

But maybe that mission statement sort of blinded me after all. A quick look at the site’s content section revealed the fact that it wasn’t as huge as I had imagined it. There are as few as 87 scenes available there at the moment – not such a bad showing by itself but… I still wouldn’t mind it if there were more scenes at this site.

What do you think, maybe it’s just the beginning for this adult site? Maybe everything will change here soon, thanks to regular updates and shit? Hmm, this is actually something I have certain trouble believing in. You see, I can’t find the dates of updates anywhere here, which, most probably, means that this porn resource is not getting updated at all. Or wait… Here’s something in the News section. New photo sets, new DVDs, new video releases… According to what is stated there, the reviewed source is getting updated at least once a month and sometimes even more often.

But I wouldn’t be in too much hurry to believe that, to be honest. You see, I’ve just taken a look at the pics and the videos I have downloaded from this website and I’m disappointed. Okay, maybe they are getting their site updated often – but they are clearly not posting content that is up to date. The videos available here have relatively fine bitrate of 3170Kbps but their frame size of 640x480Px… It’s just killing me. The 700x525Px pictures also suck, I should say. They look much more like screencaps from the videos than like full-size photos.

If I get everything right, there are no bonuses offered here, which makes bunbeatingfun.com go even further down. You know, I actually like this site when you mean the action presented on its pages – that less-talk-more-spanking concept materializing in every scene, those naughty babes really getting spanked damn hard… But these are my emotions talking. When you start analyzing this site from a more practical point of view, you understand that it ain’t as good as it could have been.

Thus, no matter how much I hate it, but the verdict is going to be rather negative here, I guess. I mean, the action is good and everything – but you should at least be able to SEE it, which is not always easy with those ancient blurred vids. Man, I’m really disappointed.


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