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British Granny Fuck porn review


Content Quality
16 / 20  
Amount of Content
10 / 20  
9 / 15  
Site Design and navigation
9 / 15  
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8 / 15  
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8 / 10 (4 sites)



Review porn site: British Granny Fuck

About site

When you think about a granny from Britain, you imagine a prim old spinster holding a cup of black tea in her skinny hand and talking about politics? Well, British Granny Fuck is a site that’s gonna change your perception of the “British granny” concept! From now on you will imagine a luscious ripe bitch addicted to hardcore sex and ready to go down on any youngster within her reach! Well, at least that’s the way the grannies featured by this resource are!

Free tour

I wouldn’t say that I’m really impressed by the design of this site’s index and free tour pages and by the quality of the teasers offered there. Frankly speaking, all that looks as old as this site’s stars themselves. However, what makes me so damn eager to check out the contents of this XXX granny sex treasury is the idea itself! Loose grannies from the country that might be the most standoffish in the whole world (only after Vatican maybe) getting banged raw… Mm, this seems to be really worth seeing!

Amount of Content

It costs me quite some effort to count the number of scenes offered by as the navigation system used at this resource really sucks. Okay, I’m done leafing through this resource’s pages and I can announce the number of scenes you will be able to lay your hands onto here. There are 74 of them, which is not a really huge showing but… Well, after all, if you believe the dates of the updates, this site was started only about a year and a half ago, so it’s no wonder it didn’t have enough time to build up a really big collection yet. Anyway, it is said to be updated once in every 4 to 10 days – so maybe it will get much larger in future!

Content Quality

Remember what I told you about the seemingly low quality of the trailers I got on the free tour pages of this resource? Well, let me take my words back and stick them where the sun don’t shine – the movie that I have just downloaded to my PC has got the bitrate of 3284Kbps! Meanwhile, I’d say that the frame size it’s offered in is quite modest – only 640x480Px that is! Anyway, even with that, this video looks crystal-clear! From now on I’m no longer that willing to say that the exclusiveness of this resource’s contents is questionable. :) By the way, I think I have to warn you straight from the start telling that videos will be everything you will be able to enjoy in most cases – the scenes containing pics are extremely rare here and those rare ones don’t actually contain too qualitative photos. The best ones I have seen so far were 800x600Px in resolution.


Alright, here I am on the inside of this site and the first thing I can tell is the following: as far as I see, the age of some of this resource’s stars is not really matching the word “granny”. Alright, they are older than milfs but I still wouldn’t dare calling them grannies! Most of them are simple mature women. That was something I didn’t quite like. On the contrary, what I really loved was the fact that those matures are not banging with young guys in each and every scene – in some of the scenes you will see them banging with a young blonde girl armed with a huge strap-on and a bunch of other sex toys! Practically, I’m not that impressed by this girl – but her recurring appearance makes me think that this source’s content might turn out to be exclusive!


the described source is a site that comes with no extras – a site trying to make a living on its own and… Managing it, apparently! Frankly, my impression about this site is much more positive than I thought it would be. Man, I love this site!


Monthly: 34.99 $ (30 days recurring)

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