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Boys Fuck Teens site blocked Review date: 2011-03-01
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There are lots of reasons why a man can fall for a teen girl. You know them teens – they are petite and smooth, they are cute, they are tight… Still, there is one reason why I myself love teen girls the most. They are so inexperienced – and, therefore, so eager to try new things in bed! The owners of Boys Fuck Teens seem to be fully aware of that fact – on the pages of their site you will see a lot of curious teenage girls learning what MMF sex feels like and taking hard dicks in all of their holes. The ones fucking them can hardly be called real pros too – as presupposed by the name of this on, the teenies are getting fucked by young guys, none of whom seems to be older than 20. They cope with them naughty bitches just fine though as it appears to me!

the described porn site is a hot one, no doubt – it's got young babes, it's got all-hole sex and it seems to have content of fairly high quality… Everything appears to be just perfect here. Nevertheless, I feel myself a little bit uneasy, surfing through the free tour pages of this one. It all seems to be okay and the promises of HD quality are everywhere – but both the design and the clarity of trailer scenes leave much to be desired, which is why I am so pissed off. But the hell with stupid guesses – I think I should better slide right into the Members area and see everything myself.

Hmm, alright. Looks like I really need to stick my suspiciousness up where the sun don't shine and start taking it easy on poorly designed sites in my porn reviews. the porn website under review today turns out to be a brand-new one launched in the very beginning of January 2011, less than two months ago! Damn, man, and I'm calling it outdated. :) That's just laughable!

Since this resource is so new, it's only natural that its collection is not big enough yet. These days the updates are very frequent here – there is a new scene published once in every four to five days. However, the schedule of upcoming updates shows it quite clearly that this pace is going to slow down a lot soon – starting from March 2011 the updates will switch to one-in-ten- days model. Not that frequent – especially if you take the fact that there are as few as 24 videos and 32 photo scenes here so far into account.

And, please, feel free to blame me for being too suspicious about this site's quality as well. Since it is a new one, it's only natural that its pics and videos are close to blameless. Movies with the frame size of 1280x720Px and the bitrate of 3170Kbps, pics with the resolution of 1296x864Px… Seems to be good enough for me – what about you? I know that it's still not True HD but it's getting rather close, I should say. You will definitely get to see even the most secret corners of those slutty teens' bodies in detail. ;) Right what you need, isn't it?

Okay, it's all cool and everything – but it looks like it's time for me to push all my subjective conclusions away and come up with the final one, which is going to be 100% objective. By the way, I have just checked this site for bonuses and haven't found any, which will surely bring the final rating of down even lower, sorry. Thus, I will conclude that this resource is rather average – at least at the moment. You know, its collection is not too huge, the updates are growing less frequent, the extras are lacking… The only reasons that make me wanna vote for this one are the high quality and the enormous exciting potential of the offered scenes. But that's already not that bad after all, you know. :)


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