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About site

Many will agree that there’s nothing more enticing than trying new things in sex – the things that you yourself thought you would never get brave enough to try. The things like bisexual fucking.this sourceis a porn site fully dedicated to the pleasures of comparing girls’ pussies and boys’ asses, the pleasures of playing with cock while still remaining a faithful straight sex addict. Here you will witness an explosion of bisexual pleasure in every threesome sex scene. Hey, there’s a certain emphasis on girls with strap-ons that do their BFs in the ass too here. Just in case you are interested. ;)

Free tour

From the outside this porn source doesn’t look too tempting, however. When you see its index page for the very first time, you will most probably be, like, is that all? But don’t be in too much hurry to re-check the site URL in the browser and stuff.this XXX resourcelooks (and is supposed to look) this shabby. Gives you the feeling of entering a very private disguised club when you click on the Members button, you know. Let’s see if it is as good as one of them private clubs though.

Amount of Content

But the rush that this XXX source managed to give me during the very first moments of my acquaintance with it doesn’t have much to do with the real state of affairs here, unfortunately. When I took a quickie surf through its content collection, I was, like, come on, there must be some sort of a weird mistake here. See, the collection ofthe analyzed paysiteoffers you a good deal of photos – as many as 170 sets – but the video, the videos are a total disaster cause there are as few as 11 of them here. No BS. I was searching high and wide but I didn’t find any. What a pity.

Content Quality

this porn paysite is not that much of a stunner in terms of content quality as well, which is even more disappointing. Well, I’d say that the 1024x768Px pictures are more or less alright here while the videos… Again, the videos are a disaster. 320x240Px with the bitrate of 900Kbps. Just imagine how this junk will look on your high-resolution PC screen intended for viewing nothing but True HD porn. Right, it’s gonna look plain laughable.


Even though the update dates state it quite openly that the XXX paysite under my scrutiny is perfectly up-to-date and stuff, I’m not going to play too much of an easy believer this time. Rumor has it that this site’s collection hasn’t been getting any bigger since 2007 in spite of changing update dates and… Well, even though I usually don’t believe rumors, here I just can’t help it. I mean, this site is so poorly designed, its content quality is laughable. Most probably it’s not just the haters’ talk that we are dealing with here.


Okay, I could have forgiven this site for being such a cheater if it had some bonus stuff to offer, at least, but… Apparently, if you ever join this one at the basic price, you will have to enjoy its measly collection only. There are a number of extras and they are quite plentiful – 50+ sites with larger and hotter content collections – but they require paying an additional fee to get to enjoy them. There’s a first-month beginner charge of $85 and $50 for each of the following months… Quite some money, ain’t it? Sure, there are those decent gay, shemale and strap-on femdom sites but… If you like this stuff more than bisexual porn, then why not hit Ferro Network and join some of them instead ofthis XXX siteright away?


I guess that my final verdict is expressed pretty fine in the above paragraph. I wouldn’t recommend you to sign up for this paysite. Just in order to avoid bitter disappointment, you know. However, if you still want to see some cute naughty boys getting their young asses stretched, then hit that Ferro Network this site belongs to – there might be some hot revelations waiting for you there.


Pros and Cons


    + hot amateur action
    + nice-sized photo collection


    - no updates
    - almost no videos
    - low quality
    - no free bonuses
    - poor design and navigation
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